What is a Class M2 license?

What Is an M2 License in California? When you have an M2 license in California, you can legally operate motorized bicycles, mopeds, and any bicycle with an attached motor, as long as they go no faster than 30 MPH on level ground and are equipped with fully operational pedals.

What is the difference between M1 and M2 license Ontario?

Motorcycle licence types The three main types are: M (includes M1 and M2): for full-speed motorcycles. M with condition L (includes M1 and M2-L): for mopeds and motorized scooters (also called “limited-speed” motorcycles). M with condition M (includes M1 and M2-M): for three-wheeled motorcycles.

How do I get a Class M2 license in California?

To apply for a motorcycle Class M1 or M2 permit, you will need to:

  1. Visit your local DMV office (make an appointment(s) for faster service)
  2. Complete application form DL 44 (Copies of this form will not be accepted.)
  3. Submit your thumbprint.
  4. Have your picture taken.
  5. Pay the application fee.
  6. Pass a vision exam.

Do you need M1 for 125cc?

In California, you don’t need a motorcycle-specific license or DMV registration for scooters and motorized bikes. Riding a moped, on the other hand, requires both valid registration and an M1 or M2 license. Operating a moped on California roads also requires liability insurance.

How many questions are on the M1 test in Ontario?

Forty questions in total, they test your basic knowledge of motorcycle riding in Ontario. They also test you on the road rules and traffic signs. The questions have four answer choices.

Do you need M1 for Honda Grom?

With an M1 license, you are permitted to ride all types of motorcycles. So the answer to the question is you don’t need an M1 license to ride the 125cc bike, but you can ride all the bikes, including the 125cc’ Honda Grom’ if you have this special license.

What can I ride on a A2 licence?

An A2 licence allows riders aged 19 and over to:

  • Ride a bike that produces no more than 35 kW or 47bhp (these are normally advertised as A2 bikes in dealer showrooms)
  • Ride without L-plates.
  • Carry a pillion passenger.
  • Ride on motorways.