What is a disadvantage of ceramic bearings?

Ceramic bearings have lower load capacities in comparison to metals and are sensitive to thermal shock. Thermal shock is when the temperature gradient within the material causes a differential expansion, which results in an internal stress. This stress can exceed the strength of the material thus forming a crack.

How long do ceramic skateboard bearings last?

Ceramic skateboard bearings can last over 5 years when properly maintained according to comments on Reddit. If they get wet and dirty they won’t last longer than 1 year, just like regular bearings. Compared to a set of Bronson G2’s, ceramic bearings perform slightly better over time and require less cleaning.

How do you maintain ceramic bearings?

Full ceramic bearings are maintenance free. However, they can be washed using regular tap water or a standard bearing cleaner product if required. Make sure the bearing is completely dry before replacing it. These bearings do not need lubricant to operate, so there is no need to add an oil or grease at this stage.

Do ceramic bearings break easily?

It’s actually a good thing, ceramic may be lighter and harder than steel but they are still fragile. What is this? Full ceramic bearings do exist but they aren’t suitable for skateboarding. They can’t handle impacts very well and will fracture, never go full ceramic.

Why are ceramic bearings better?

First, ceramic bearings have lower friction while spinning at high RPM. Their smooth surface and uniform size distributes the load evenly across the balls and doesn’t cause added friction from imperfections on the surface of the balls. This translates into less wattage needed in order to spin the bearing.

Are ceramic bearings worth it inline?

Yes, yes you do. Ceramic bearings will provide you the best of the best in quality and longevity. They will keep rolling smooth until you decide to hang up your wheels for good. In all honesty, ceramic bearings will hold up, keep up, and they won’t let you down.

Do ceramic ball bearings need grease?

No, full ceramic bearings can be run completely dry. They do not need lubrication to run. Ceramic is non-porous, unlike steel, as a result it is virtually frictionless.

Why choose Enduro ceramic bearings?

That’s why Enduro only sells Ceramic-Hybrid bearings for bicycle applications. A full-ceramic bearing may run without issue for a long time in certain applications, but when they fail, you’re walking home. Want to make your bike faster than any other? Had enough of servicing your ceramic bearings so that they will survive another rainy day race?

What are the best ceramic bearings?

XD-15 ceramic bearings have it all – hands down the speediest, and longest lasting ceramic bearing available on the market. Nitrogen steel is the secret, precision machined and ground to ABEC-5 tolerances at our facility in Gilroy, California.

Do ceramic bearings corrode?

Full-ceramic bearings will never corrode, but the nature of the material does not lend itself to the shocks of bicycle use due to its extreme rigidity. That’s why Enduro only sells Ceramic-Hybrid bearings for bicycle applications.

What is the difference between 2RS and enduro bearings?

More durable and with even lower rolling resistance than any 2RS bearings, they come closer to that magic “zero” rolling resistance number. Enduro Bearings uses Silicone seals which are more slippery than rubber seals used by other ceramic bearing suppliers.