What is a foci in the heart?

What are echogenic intracardiac foci (EIF)? EIF are small, echogenic lesions seen (on sonography) inside the left or right ventricles of the fetal heart within the papillary muscles or chordae tendinae. These lesions are not attached to the wall of the ventricles.

What is a foci in ECG?

Ectopic foci are abnormal pacemaker sites within the heart (outside of the SA node) that display automaticity. Their pacemaker activity, however, is normally suppressed (overdrive suppression) by the higher rate of the SA node.

What causes ectopic foci in the heart?

There are two major causes for ectopic impulse generation that may result in cardiac arrhythmias: automaticity and triggered activity. Automaticity is the result of spontaneous diastolic depolarization, triggered activity is caused by so-called afterdepolarizations.

How is ectopic foci treated?

Treatment is aimed at suppressing the ectopic foci or disrupting the reentry circuit. Management may include carotid massage, adenosine, beta blockers, calcium‐channel blockers, amiodarone, procainamide, and synchronized cardioversion.

What is foci in ultrasound?

Liji Thomas, MD. An echogenic intracardiac focus is a small bright spot seen within the region of the heart seen during an ultrasound examination. Most commonly found in the left ventricle of the developing heart, it is important to understand that it doesn’t affect the functioning of the heart per se.

How serious is an echogenic focus found in heart?

An echogenic intracardiac focus (or EIF) is a small bright spot seen on a developing baby’s heart during an ultrasound. The cause of EIF is unknown, but the condition is generally harmless. EIF is considered a normal pregnancy variation, but prenatal screening tests may be desirable to test for any abnormalities.

Can a heart block go away?

Heart block occurs when the electrical signal is slowed down or does not reach the bottom chambers of the heart. Your heart may beat slowly, or it may skip beats. Heart block may resolve on its own, or it may be permanent and require treatment.

How do ectopic foci form?

2.2. 1 Ectopic foci. Ectopic foci (errors in pacing) occur when pacing occurs at sites that do not normally act as cardiac pacemakers.

Can a pacemaker stop ectopic beats?

In a normal heart beat rhythm, the SA node usually suppresses the ectopic pacemaker activity due to the higher impulse rate of the SA node….

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