What is a VDN in Avaya?

VDN – Vector Directory Number An extension number that enables calls to connect to a vector for processing. This is a soft extension number that is not assigned to a physical equipment location.

What is the difference between a vector and a VDN?

A VDN is an extension number used to access a call vector. Each VDN is mapped to one call vector. VDNs are software extension numbers (that is, not assigned to physical equipment).

How do I create a VDN in Avaya?


  1. Click Provisioning.
  2. Click VDNS.
  3. On the Manage VDNs screen, click Create one.
  4. In Name, enter a name.
  5. Click GENERATE to assign an extension for internal call routing.
  6. From Vector, select the required vector.
  7. From Skill 1, select a skill.
  8. Optional From Skill 2, select a second skill.

What is VDN phone?

A vector directory number (VdN) is an extension on an automatic call distributor that directs an incoming call to a “vector”—a user-defined sequence of functions that may be performed, such as routing the call to a destination, giving a busy signal, or playing a recorded message.

What is split in Avaya?

The number of seconds within which agents must answer calls. The system identifies this data type for each hunt group and begins tracking the data type when a call enters a vector. Split or skill calls and direct agent calls answered by an agent.

What is a vector in Avaya?

A call vector is a set of commands in an Avaya communications system that provides call flow. A vector can contain up to 32 steps and is used to provide customized call routing, play announcements, route calls to both internal and external destinations, and collect digits to respond to dialed information.

What is vector Avaya?

What is ACD time in Avaya?

ACD Time. The total time that the agent spent on all split/ skill and direct agent ACD calls for the specified time period in any split/skill.

What does ACD mean in Avaya?

Avaya Automatic Call Distribution
Avaya Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) distributes incoming, outgoing, and internet calls to groups of extensions. This allows the user to route any incoming call to the most relevant extension immediately.

What is variable Avaya?

This screen creates variables and defines the necessary parameters for each variable type. Specifies the variable type, the name to use for the variable, the size of the variable, how the variable gets set or assigned, and whether the variable is local or global.

What is ACW time?

After-call work (ACW) is the time after an interaction disconnects. You use this time to enter notes, select wrap-up codes, and complete any other tasks associated with the interaction.

What is agent ring time?

The time that passes from the time a call starts calling in ACE Agent until the call is answered, that is, from when the Answer button starts flashing until it is clicked on.

What is the Avaya VdN?

The VDN also serves as the application number. It allows for specific call-handling and agent-handling statistical reporting within both the Basic Call Management System (BCMS) and the Avaya Call Management System (CMS) for each application that is handled by the call center.

What is the difference between Avaya software and Avaya hardware?

“Software” means the computer programs in object code, originally licensed by Avaya and ultimately utilized by End User, whether as stand-alone products or pre-installed on Hardware. “Hardware” means the standard hardware originally sold by Avaya and ultimately utilized by End User.

What are the Avaya Aura™call vectoring commands for character outpulsing?

Call Vectoring commands 246 Programming Call Vectors in Avaya Aura™Call Center 6.0 June 2010 be outpulsed. If no digits are available, the end-of-string pound sign (#) is the only character outpulsed. •none: This data type causes no characters to be outpulsed.

What is the Avaya expert Agent Selection (EAS) feature?

To use skill options associated with some vector commands, the Avaya Expert Agent Selection (EAS) feature must be enabled. The EAS feature is included in the Avaya Contact Center Elite package. When a vector command requires the EAS feature, the requirement is noted.