What is Data Acquisition Switch Unit?

The Keysight 34970A data acquisition / data logger switch consists of a three-slot mainframe with a built-in 6 1/2-digit digital multimeter. You can configure each channel independently to measure one of 11 different functions without the added cost or hassles of signal-conditioning accessories.

What is LXI Data Acquisition?

The 34972A LXI Data Acquisition/Switch Unit is an LXI version of the 34970A. It replaces the GPIB and RS-232 interfaces with modern connectivity for a direct connection to your PC or Laptop. The 8 plug-in modules can be used with either unit—so all the measurements and wiring are compatible.

What are the three major components of used for data acquisition?

All data acquisition systems consist of three essential elements – Sensor, Signal Conditioning, and Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC).

What is the difference between data logger and data acquisition?

Generally speaking, the instrumentation market understands a data logger to be a relatively slow sample rate device; typically, once per second and slower while a data acquisition system (or DAQ system) has sample rates that reach into the MHz or even GHz range.

Can you directly transfer data from a data logger to a computer?

With the simplest stand-alone data loggers, data are directly offloaded to a computer via a USB interface.

How do you connect a data acquisition system?


  1. Step 1: Identify Sensor Specifications.
  2. Step 2: Select a DAQ Hardware Platform or Device.
  3. Step 3: Install Software and Drivers.
  4. Step 4: Install NI CompactDAQ Chassis and C Series Modules.
  5. Step 5: Connect Sensors to Your NI C Series Module.
  6. Step 6: Learn LabVIEW Basics.
  7. Step 7: Write Your DAQ Program in LabVIEW.

What is 34972a data acquisition switch?

34972A LXI Data Acquisition Switch Unit. The Keysight 34972A Data Acquisition / Data Logger Switch Unit consists of a 3-slot mainframe with a built-in 6 ½ digit DMM and 8 different switch & control modules.

Does the 34972a have built-in Gigabit LAN?

The 34972A has built-in Gigabit LAN and USB 2.0 so you can connect to a modern PC without having to purchase any GPIB cards, cables or converter boxes. With the standard LAN connections you also get the added benefit of a graphical Web interface for easy configuration of measurements and monitoring of results using a standard Web browser.

How do I use the 34972a with benchlink data logger?

Use a USB flash drive to upload data logging configurations from BenchLink Data Logger into the 34972A and to transfer large data sets back to the computer. Simply connect the USB stick to your PC when you return and easily import into a spreadsheet or other applications for data analysis. The 34972A can accept any of the 34970A plug-in modules.

What is the difference between the 34970a and the 34972a?

The 34972A can be easily integrated into an existing test program with a simple change to the instrument address. Since the 34972A code is a superset of the 34970A code, once the instrument address is changed, the test program will run as normal. <300 µs.