What is Elfster and how does it work?

It starts with an invite. Players receive an email inviting them to join in the Secret Santa game and sign up on Elfster. They can create a wishlist on the site from hundreds of the best online place to shop. Us elves generate the game pairing up the people in your group.

How do you do a redraw on Elfster?

When you’re ready to redraw names, click/tap the Draw Names Now button. ⚠️ Elfster is unable to retrieve or restore the previous draw once the “Undo Draw” option is confirmed.

How are names drawn on Elfster?

Names are drawn by the Elfster system automatically on the day after the date you have selected as your deadline to participate, unless you have selected to not have names drawn by Elfster.

Can you do a gift exchange with an odd number?

And contrary to popular belief, having an odd number of people doesn’t make a gift exchange any more difficult, and certainly not impossible. In fact, like all odd things, it opens you up to possibilities. You don’t need an even number to have an easy gift exchange, especially if you take advantage of technology.

Can you add people to draw names?

You can do this on the group page, before or after the drawing, by clicking on “Add someone”. The new person can still be included even if the names have already been drawn. We’ll make sure that any group member who has already viewed their drawn name, will keep that name.

Can you see who drew who on Drawnames?

Who can see the names that have been drawn? The group members can only see the name of the person they drew themselves. A list of the draw will be available to the organizer by the date of the event.

Can you see who has who on draw names?

The organizer can see who has not yet drawn a name on the group page and get in touch with those participants.

Are pokes Anonymous on Elfster?

The elves have got you covered! You can anonymously poke a friend to wish if their Wishlist is empty or you need more ideas than what they’ve added.