What is Fenpropathrin used for?

Fenpropathrin is used to control a range of insects, especially mites, in fruits and vegetables.

What is fenitrothion used for?

Fenitrothion is effective against a wide range of pests, i.e. penetrating, chewing and sucking insect pests (coffee leafminers, locusts, rice stem borers, wheat bugs, flour beetles, grain beetles, grain weevils) on cereals, cotton, orchard fruits, rice, vegetables, and forests.

How do you take Danitol?

DANITOL (0.3 to 0.4) Apply with airblast equipment as a concentrate or dilute spray to give outside coverage (50 to 200 gals. per acre). Begin applications when pest activity is first noted and repeat as needed to maintain control but not more often than every 10 days.

What is Profex super?

Profex Super is a combination product for the control of bollworm complex. It has strong contact, stomach and ovicidal action. It is having excellent translaminar action,when sprayed on the upper surface of leaf,it immediately percolates down to lower surface of the leaf.

Is fenitrothion an organophosphate?

Fenitrothion is a broad-spectrum organophosphate insecticide with low mammalian toxicity.

How do you use fenitrothion?

Surface Treatment of bulk stored cereal grain, stacks of bags etc. Qld, NSW, Vic, SA only 10mL/1L water (5L dilute spray treats 100m2) Apply to surface of the grain in storage. Apply at 2 month intervals. prior to use.

Is deltamethrin water soluble?

Deltamethrin is soluble at 5 mg/ml in a solution of ethanol:DMSO (1:1). Solutions may also be prepared in DMSO, ethanol, or acetone. The product is insoluble in water.

How do you use Regent insecticide?

Apply in a coarse spray covering the stem to a height of 30 cm and the soil/trash in a 30 cm radius from the stem base. Apply a total volume of 500 mL solution per stool. Ensure thorough coverage of butt, suckers, trash and exposed soil.

How do you use Curacron?

Add 2/3 of the required amount of water to the spray tank with the agitator running, then add the desired amount of Curacron 8E. 2. Continue agitation while adding the remainder of the water. If using Curacron 8E in a tank mixture, the tank mix product must be approved for use on cotton.