What is GTCP APU?

APU operation The 36-100 APU is a constant speed turbine engine that utilizes a single centrifugal compressor and a single radial turbine. It has a single duplex fuel atomizer that is installed at the bottom of the combustor assembly. A single ignitor is installed on the side of the combustor.

Does CRJ200 have an APU?

The CRJ200 APU is also formerly known as the Garret GTCP 36-150RJ APU and the AlliedSignal GTCP 36-150RJ APU. The Bombardier CRJ200 APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) provides backup power to the main generators and also provides compressed air for engine starting and cabin climate controls.

Does A320 have an APU?

Airbus has selected Honeywell’s 131-9A auxiliary power unit (APU) for its A320 family of aircraft. The selection has led to the compulsory use of the Honeywell APU across the A320 family aircraft, operated by various airlines worldwide.

What is an APU engine?

The auxiliary power unit (APU) is a small gas turbine engine mounted in the tail cone of an aircraft to provide autonomous electrical and mechanical power for the following: • Starting power for the main engines. • Pneumatic power for cabin air conditioning systems.

How much HP does a APU have?

The APU uses a 6:1 pressure ratio, single-stage compressor and turbine, driving a single-stage load compressor and accessory gearbox. The 480 horsepower APU delivers compressed air to the aircraft pneumatic system and drives a customer furnished 90 kva, 24,000 rpm electrical generator.

How much fuel does a 737 APU burn per hour?

A: In round numbers, a 737 will burn 5,000 pounds (750 gallons) an hour.

In what position APU inlet door is located?

The APU inlet door is movable between a closed position, a maximum open position, and a plurality of positions between the closed and maximum open positions.

How do I start an APU?

The APU can be started utilizing only the aircraft battery(s) and, once running, will provide electrical power to aircraft systems as well as bleed air for air conditioning and for engine start.

Can an APU provide thrust?

This is a small turbine engine, essentially the same design and operation as the main aircraft engines but on a smaller scale. However, unlike the main engines, the APU does not provide thrust (hence it would be wrong to call it a jet engine). Instead, it powers an electric generator and provides air pressure.

Can you fly without APU?

Without an APU an aircraft would depend on GSE only for starting one engine with pressurized ground supplied air. Aircraft are allowed in general to fly without an APU. Exceptions are flights with two-engined aircraft and long routes over water or terrain without an alternate airport – so called ETOPS flights.

How much does an aircraft APU cost?

We’ve seen these APUs go from $200,000 to $350,000 in the matter of a year. Before you go into any APU purchase, know the supply and demand environments.