What is healthier Subway or Quiznos?

We challenged that there was a difference between the fat calories from Quiznos and Subway. Predicting that Subway was the healthier choice between the two, our challenge proved to be statistically significant at the chosen 5% significant level.

How many carbs are in Quiznos bread?

Quiznos Flatbread Traditional Club Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1 sandwich
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Sodium 1120mg 47%
Total Carbohydrates 33g 11%
Dietary Fiber 4g 16%

How many calories are in Quiznos?


CLASSICS Calories (kcal) Fat Calories (kcal)
4″ Sub 330 100
8″ Sub 660 200
12″ Sub 990 290
Sammie 330 120

What type of fat is in quinoa?

A 3.5-ounce (100-gram) serving of cooked quinoa provides about 2 grams of fat. Similar to other grains, quinoa fat is mainly composed of palmitic acid, oleic acid, and linoleic acid (21, 24, 25).

How many calories are in Quiznos chicken carbonara?

There are 1220 calories in 1 sandwich (509 g) of Quiznos Chicken Carbonara (Large).

What’s the difference between Quiznos and Subway?

In brief: Subway and Quiznos are the largest fast food chain companies selling sandwiches and are two leading competitors in the market. Subway provides cheaper, healthier sub sandwiches. Quinoz provides bigger, fuller, more expensive and to some tastier sub sandwiches.

What bread does Quiznos use?

Your choices among the chain’s Artisan Breads include White, Wheat, Rosemary Parmesan, or Jalapeno Cheddar. You can also have any sub put into ciabatta bread.