What is heather honey good for?

​Benefits: Heather honey is highly prized for its health and healing benefits as it’s rich in antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties. It’s traditionally used to treat digestive disorders and kidney infections.

Why is heather honey expensive?

That’s why heather honey is often quite expensive to purchase. The production process of heather honey is quite complicated because it contains more water than any other type, just like clover honey. The water content can’t exceed 23% (the less, the better), so it must be liquefied and tested after pressing.

Is heather honey the best?

They found that Irish heather honey had the highest total phenolic content (and thus was highest in antioxidants) of all the honeys tested – and even higher than manuka honey.

Is heather honey sweet?

Honey Heather Sensory Characteristics Ling Heather honey is reddish/orange to dark amber. It has a slightly bitter, tangy, pungent, smoky, mildly sweet taste that persists for a long time. It has a strong distinctive woody, warm, floral, fresh fruit aroma reminiscent of heather flowers.

Is Scottish heather honey as good as Manuka?

Scottish Heather Honey has been found to be ‘the same if not better than’ Manuka Honey in a study at Glasgow University, Scotland.

What does heather honey taste like?

What does heather honey taste like? This exquisite and sought after honey is dark amber in colour, highly aromatic with slight bitter, tangy and smoky notes. It has a strong distinctive woody, warm, floral, fresh fruit aroma reminiscent of heather flowers.

How do you store heather honey?

The flavour is too strong for most customers, and there is a tendency for the honey to ferment in storage. Heather blend honey should keep for nine months without fermenting. You will need: A warming box, with two light bulbs to soften the rape honey.

Is heather honey clear?

A sign of purity is the presence of small air bubbles trapped in the gel-like honey (a result of pressing to extract the honey), and while it has a bright appearance, it will not be clear. British heather dominates the moors across the UK and is also found in the uplands of Ireland….Pure Heather Honey.

Per 100g
Moisture 18-20.5%

What is Scottish heather honey?

Hilltop Honey Scottish Heather Honey is expertly gathered by bees that visit the legendary flower of Scotland, Heather. Hilltop Honey Scottish Heather Honey is 100% pure and natural – extremely unique texture, strong flavour and a long-lasting floral taste. The perfect edition to a honey connoisseur’s collection.

What is the healthiest honey in the world?

Manuka Honey
1) Manuka Honey: As Hunnes hinted at, manuka honey — which is made in Australia and New Zealand by bees that pollinate the native manuka bush — is commonly believed to be the godfather of healthy honeys.