What is Joomla article?

Joomla Article is a piece of content consisting of text, links to other resources, image, media, ect. Articles are the basic units of information in the content system and the bottom level in the content hierarchy.

What is Article Manager in Joomla?

Used for creating new, editing, managing order, publishing, unpublishing and setting global options of articles shown on a Joomla website.

How do I use articles in Joomla?

Click the Contents → Articles → Add New Article menu item or, Click the Contents → Articles menu item to open the Articles Page. Then click the New toolbar button or, Create a new Single Article type menu item, and click the Create button under Select Article (only in Version 3.7 and higher).

What are categories in Joomla?

Categories are the hierarchy used to organize articles in Joomla! A category can contain articles as well as sub-categories. For example, a category called Transport may include general articles about transport as well as individual sub-categories for Trains, Buses and Planes.

Where is the content in Joomla?

Once you’re logged into Joomla, you want to click on “Content” in the top menu, hover on “Articles” and then click on “Add New Article”.

How do you modify an article?

A few tips to help you edit your article like a Pro…

  1. Define your Goals. When editing an article, be very specific to describe the goal behind the topic you choose to express.
  2. Main Frame.
  3. Don’t be Repetitive.
  4. Spark it up with Quotes, Images.
  5. Use Grammarly.
  6. Last Minute Corrections.
  7. Hit Publish.

What is Article Manager?

Shack Article Manager is the best way to write and manage articles from the Joomla frontend. Shack Article Manager is an extension that allows anyone to write, edit, publish and manage articles from the frontend of Joomla sites.

What happens when one chooses Save and Close option in an article in Joomla?

The “Save” button in the backend saves the item and redirects back to the item’s page while the “Save” button on the frontend saves the item and redirects back to the listing page, which is the exact behavior of the “Save & Close” button in the backend.

How do you write an article?

Here is a summary of the basic rules:

  1. Use the definite article the with specific nouns.
  2. Use the indefinite article a or an with non-specific nouns.
  3. Use a before words that begin with a consonant or vowel that sounds like a consonant.
  4. Use an before words that begin with a vowel or a consonant that sounds like a vowel.