What is NSTAR called now?

HBJ File Photo President, CEO, and Chairman Tom May saw his company change its name from NStar to Northeast Utilities following an April 2012 merger, and now the company will change its name again to Eversource Energy through a rebranding effective Feb. 2.

Does Eversource own NSTAR?

NSTAR itself was the product of corporate mergers, and included the former Boston Edison Company, Cambridge Electric Light Company, Commonwealth Electric Company, Commonwealth Gas, and Cambridge Gas Company. All now currently operate under the Eversource name.

Who is responsible for power lines from pole to house Eversource?

the customer
poles, wires and other equipment you see along your street, ending at the service drop (see diagram, right). Eversource also repairs any damage to the meter itself. the service drop into a residence are the responsibility of the customer.

When did Eversource take over NSTAR?

April 10, 2012
On April 10, 2012, Northeast Utilities and NSTAR completed their merger first announced on October 18, 2010.

What does nstar stand for?

Definition. NSTAR. NASA Solar Electric Propulsion Technology Application Readiness.

Does Avangrid own eversource?

Berkshire Gas, with its 40,000 accounts in Western Massachusetts, is a subsidiary of Avangrid, which also owns gas utilities in Connecticut, Maine and New York. Eversource owns Yankee Gas in Connecticut and NSTAR Gas in Massachusetts. Both companies also own electrical utilities and power generation assets.

What does NSTAR stand for?

Is Eversource a good company?

Eversource has been an excellent company to work for over the years. As tech has advanced, niche roles have opened up advancement opportunity. Management rewards effort. The business model is vast, which can be overwhelming at times, but there are many paths to take in the company.

Who is responsible for my electricity cables?

Electricity distribution companies are responsible for the network of power lines, underground cables, substations etc., that get electricity to your home or business in the area where you live.

What happened to Northeast Utilities?

Effective today Northeast Utilities has become Eversource Energy and all of the company’s subsidiaries will also be operating under the Eversource brand.

Who owns Mass Electric company?

In 2002, MEC became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kiewit, one of North America’s largest and most respected construction, engineering and mining organizations.