What is PS Ping?

PsPing is a command-line utility for measuring network performance, it implements Ping functionality, TCP ping, latency and bandwidth measurement.

Where can I find Pstools?

Download PSTOOLS from the Microsoft website – It is a ZIP file called PSTools. zip. Extract it to a specific folder, e.g., C:\PSTOOLS.

Where is PSPing?

You can download PSPing as a part of the SysInternals toolset by visiting https://docs.microsoft.com/en- us/sysinternals/ or as a separate download here.

How do you do PSPing?

PSPing is a self-contained executable, so simply copy it to a directory that is already in your path (or add your chosen directory to your path) so that you can run it without having to specify the filesystem location. You can also run it “live” from http://live.sysinternals.com/psping.exe if you prefer.

How do I use TCPing EXE?

At its simplest, you can simply enter TCPing server[enter] and TCPing will reach out to the server over TCP port 80 to see if anything is listening. You can specify an FQDN or an ip. addr. As you can see, a quick DNS lookup gives us the ip.

How do I install PsTools?

PsTools uses a familiar syntax if you are already used to using a command-line in Windows. Simply open an elevated Command Prompt in the directory where PsTools was unzipped. Using your elevated Command Prompt, type psexec and hit enter.

How do you use PS tool commands?

Download and Open It

  1. Download PsExec on the computer that will be running the remote commands.
  2. Extract the files from the PsTools.
  3. Open the folder where the extracted files are located, and from the navigation bar at the top of the folder, erase what’s there and enter cmd.

Does Psping use ICMP?

Don’t output during pings. Ping until stopped with Ctrl+C and type Ctrl+Break for statistics. Warmup with the specified number of iterations (default is 1). Force using IPv4….Using PsPing.

Parameter Description
-? I Usage for ICMP ping.
-? T Usage for TCP ping.
-? L Usage for latency test.
-? B Usage for bandwidth test.

How do I ping TCP IP?

In order to send a TCP ping, simply specify the host name or IP address with TCP port number, for example: 10.0. 0.32:21 , 192.168. 0.40:80, 192.168. 10.10:23, www.nirsoft.net:443 If you don t specify a port number , PingInfoView will send the standard ICMP pings.

What is TCPing EXE?

tcping.exe is a console application that operates similarly to ‘ping’, however it works over a tcp port. There are many different implementions of this floating around, written independently by different people. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

How do I ping a port continuously?

Ping a Port Using Telnet

  1. Open the Control Panel.
  2. Click Programs, and then Programs and Features.
  3. Select Turn Windows features on or off.
  4. Find Telnet Client and check the box. Click OK.