What is stones from the river about?

Stones from the River is the third-person omniscient 1994 novel by Ursula Hegi which chronicles 40 years of the life of Trudi, a woman with dwarfism, as she navigates the silently complicit, violent, and redemptive era of World War I and II Germany in the fictional town of Burgdorf.

How many pages are in stones from the river?

507 pp.
STONES FROM THE RIVER By Ursula Hegi. 507 pp. New York: Poseidon Press.

Who wrote stones from the river?

Ursula HegiStones from the River / AuthorUrsula Hegi is a German-born American writer. She is currently an instructor in the MFA program at Stony Brook Southampton.
She was born Ursula Koch in 1946 in Düsseldorf, Germany, a city that was heavily bombed during World War II. Wikipedia

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Erosion of River Rocks These bits of rock create the sand and silt along the river banks and at the mouth of the river. Eventually, a narrow stream widens into a large river. This slows the speed of the water, and some of the broken pieces of river rocks (sediment) fall to the bottom of the river bed.

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Sedimentary rocks like sandstones and limestones are types of riverstones due to the fact that they tend to weather away quickly under high water movement. Metamorphic rocks like marble and schist are more common types of River Rocks that will take on a more rectangular shape in many cases.

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Smooth “river rock” is extracted from sand-and-gravel deposits. Rough “natural rock” is mined from quarries using explosives and heavy machinery. And weathered, mossy or lichen-covered “surface rock” or fieldstone is harvested from a field or a talus pile.

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River rocks can be sedimentary, igneous, or metamorphic depending on the particular geography of the river where the rocks were found. A river that flows through a volcanic area is sure to have igneous rocks, for example.

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What is river rock called?

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What is river rocks?

River rock is a type of washed gravel known for its smooth, rounded texture and versatility. River rocks come in a range of sizes, but are typically one to two inches in diameter.

What is stones from the River about?

Stones From The River is the first in the Burgdorf series of novels set in Germany around the time of WWII. With the creation of Trudi Montag, Hegi set the stage for some of the finest, most interesting characters and stories modern literature has ever seen.

When was stones from the river published?

Stones from the River received multiple accolades and became a bestseller in 1997 when selected for Oprah’s Book Club.

When did Ursula Hegi write stones from the river?

Stones from the River is the 1994 novel by Ursula Hegi, and was chosen as an Eagles selection in February 1997.

Who is Trudi in stones from the river?

Stones from the River is the 1994 novel by Ursula Hegi, and was chosen as an Eagles selection in February 1997. It is about a woman named Trudi Montag who has dwarfism.