What is the best hall in Legon?

Sarbah Hall is the first hall to be named after a hero of the nation, Dr. Mensah Sarbah. The hall is undoubtedly the best mixed-hall on campus having won many laurels. The hall boasts of a traditional outfit known as the “OKPO”(Common Sense Rules).

How many halls do we have in Legon?

The university is primarily residential, providing accommodation in Halls of Residence for both undergraduate and postgraduate as well as flats and guest rooms for senior members and guests. There are 16 halls of residences which are listed below.

How do I get a hall in Legon?

For continuing students who wish to seek accommodation at the halls, you would have to contact the various halls to pick up a form to book for a room if there are any. All students who have been admitted at full-time Legon campus and Korle Bu Campus are required to make residential applications.

Which university in Ghana has named a hall after John Mensah Sarbah?

the University of Ghana
In 1963, a residence hall of the University of Ghana was named Mensah Sarbah Hall in his honour for his services to education, with a statue of John Mensah Sarbah is in front of it.

How much is hostel fees in Legon?

Legon Residential Fees

Residential Facility Fees per Academic Year
Jean Akah Hall GH¢ 1,790.00 (Residents) && GHC 2,236 (New Residents)
Alex A. Kwapong Hall GH¢ 1,790.00 (Residents) && GHC 2,236 (New Residents)
Hilla Liman Hall GH¢ 1,790.00 (Residents) && GHC 2,236 (New Residents)
Jubilee Hall GH¢ 908.00

How many halls are there in Knust?

All you need to know about the KNUST Halls of residence. Traditionally, KNUST has six (6) main halls, which include: Independence Hall, Africa Hall, University Hall, Republic Hall, Unity Hall, and Queens Hall.

How many halls are in Knust?

6 traditional halls
Well in this article we will take a look at the history of the 6 traditional halls in KNUST and probably why the hall residents behave the way they do. The halls serve as the official KNUST hostels for students.

How many halls do we have in Knust?

Six Halls
There are Six Halls of residence and a number of hostels on the University Campus and five hostels, two are for postgraduate students, one for both undergraduate and graduate students and managed by the Ghana Universities Staff Superannuation Scheme (GUSS).

What is the difference between hostel and Hall?

The difference between hostels and halls is that halls are hostels that are owned by the University. The price of accommodation in halls are normally subsidized and are usually restricted to four in one occupancy.

Who is the first Ghanaian lawyer?

John Mensah Sarbah
John Mensah Sarbah was the first native of Ghana to be called to the bar by Lincoln’s Inn in 1887. The legal system was based on that of England, in which solicitors provide legal advice and prepare legal documents while barristers act as advocates in court.

How much is University of Ghana school fees?

The University of Ghana Legon School Fees 2022/2023 Academic Session is published….FEES FOR HUMANITIES STUDENTS.

Bachelor of Arts (BA); Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)
Application Fee $ 75.00
Registration Fee $ 75.00
Tuition Fee (Humanities) $ 3,000.00 ($1,500.00 per semester)
Examination Fee $ 200.00 ($100.00 per semester)

How do I pay my UG hall fees?

Student fees can be paid using any of the following mediums: At the bank. Online using Visa card, Mastercard or Mobile Money (MTN and Vodafone) – https://sts.ug.edu.gh/ugpay. Cheques (payable only at University of Ghana Cash Office)