What is the classic Ray Ban aviator color?

With a classic gold frame, you can see the world through a variety of lens colors including crystal brown, crystal green, G-15 polarized and more that provide optimum visual clarity and 100% UV protection.

What is the standard Ray-Ban Aviator size?

The Aviator 58mm Eyesize is considered a “Standard” size by Ray-Ban.

Are Ray-Ban g15 lenses polarized?

The Ray-Ban G-15 lens is not polarized, meaning the lenses will not block out glare. If you are planning on buying a pair of sunglasses with G-15 lens, they may pose a problem if you are planning to wear them in bright and sunny areas or while driving.

Are Ray-Ban g15 lenses made of glass?

G-15 lenses are available in both crystal (glass) or polycarbonate.

Do Ray-Bans have real gold?

The Ray-Ban Aviator Solid Gold boasts frames that are crafted from solid 18K gold, making for the most ultra-luxe pair of the classic shades ever.

How to recognize Ray Ban Aviator 3025 real vs. fake?

– A sharp, shiny gold logo on the front left side. The logo should read “100% UV Protection – Ray-Ban – Sunglasses By Luxottica”. – A Ray-Ban logo on the snap. – Material that is textured (and feels like) real leather. – A hard, protective front portion. – Clean stitching.

Where to buy Ray Ban?

From retro cat-eye shapes to teeny tiny frames, sunglasses trends are always changing. But no matter what style is currently flooding your Instagram feed (hello, rectangular shades), there’s one iconic brand that has stood the test of time: Ray-Ban.

Where can I get cheap Ray Bans?

You can order Ray-Ban glasses from EyeBuyDirect starting at $143 with 1.59 index lenses included. These premium frames are made with high-quality materials and feature the instantly recognizable Ray-Ban logo on the outside of the temple. Does EyeBuyDirect sell prescription Ray-Bans? Yes!

What size Ray Bans should I get?

The Three Ray-Ban Wayfarer sizes are 52, 55 and 58. 55 is a standard fit and will fit most faces. 58 is much larger. Finally, the size 52 is the smallest size available.