What is the elevation gain on the Kalalau Trail?

5,000 feet
What is the elevation change on the Kalalau Trail? The Kalalau Trail starts and ends near sea level and climbs up and down to 600 ft, 700 ft and 800 ft at times. Total elevation gain is near 5,000 feet. This can make the trail very challenging.

How long is Crawlers Ledge Kalalau Trail?

The first thing to know when planning the duration of your backpacking trip is that a round-trip to the end of the trail at Kalalau Beach is 22 miles. Potential side hikes to Hankoa Falls (0.4 miles) and Hanakapi’ai Falls (1.6 miles) would add 4 miles total round trip, bringing you up to 26 miles.

Is there cell service on the Kalalau Trail?

No Emergency Services. injury or illness, someone must hike out for help or signal a passing helicopter or boat. There is no cell phone reception along the coast. Be prepared with a first aid kit.

What are the best beaches in Kauai?

12 Best Beaches in Kauai, HI

  1. Poipu Beach (Po’ipu Beach) Poipu Beach, Kauai.
  2. Maha’ulepu Beaches. A Maha’ulepu beach.
  3. Hanalei Bay. Hanalei Bay, Kauai Island.
  4. Polihale Beach. Beginning of the Napali Coast at Polihale State Park.
  5. Tunnels Beach. Tunnels Beach in Kauai.
  6. Ke’e (Kee) Beach.
  7. Kalapaki Beach.
  8. Anini Beach.

Are crawlers ledges scary?

Many people say that the scariest part of the Kalalau Trail is “Crawler’s Ledge” around mile 7. It can be scary. These articles and videos show you what to expect. Keep in mind that small wide-angle lenses like those on GoPro cameras make it seem steeper than it really is.

How long does it take to hike first 2 miles of Kalalau Trail?

Need some good hiking shoes for this trail if you are going to the waterfall– be prepared to spend 5-6 hours hiking up and down and over rocks and boulders. You will also cross many water trails–some that are knee deep. The hike back to the waterfall is beautiful but hard–don’t try this hike in your flip flops!