What is the movie they are watching in Annie?

Cultural references. In the Gossip Girl episode “The Kids Stay in the Picture,” Blair Waldorf takes to her bed and claims consumption, which Chuck Bass identifies as her “pulling a Camille”. In the 1982 Columbia Pictures musical film Annie, the film is both seen and referenced to.

What is the movie Camille about?

Beautiful Marguerite Gauthier (Greta Garbo) lifts herself out of her poverty-stricken upbringing by becoming the enchanting “Lady of the Camellias,” well-kept courtesan of the rich and influential Baron de Varville (Henry Daniell). When young Armand (Robert Taylor) falls in love with Marguerite, his sincere adoration causes her to question her comfortable life, and, despite the protests of Armand’s scandal-wary father (Lionel Barrymore), she considers leaving the Baron for him.Camille / Film synopsis

Is Camille a good movie?

The conclusion is remarkable, satisfying, and absolutely tear-jerking. December 7, 2020 | Rating: 10/10 | Full Review… Greta Garbo in a wan but beautiful performance as the famous invalid. A splendidly produced and worth-while picture.

Is Moulin Rouge based on Camille?

While Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge! (2001) offers a funky—if not campy—take on the turn-of-the-century Parisian underworld, the film is nonetheless an unmistakable retelling of Dumas fils’ nineteenth-century melodrama Camille (La Dame aux camélias).

What year is Annie set in?

Annie takes place in 1933 in The Big Apple – New York City! While you might know a bit about New York City, here are a few other things to know about Annie’s world. The musical Annie is based on a daily newspaper comic strip that premiered in 1924, itself based on an 1885 poem (“Little Orphan Annie”).

Is Camille a true story?

Camille, byname of Marguerite Gautier, fictional character, the protagonist of La Dame aux camélias (1848; staged 1852) by Alexandre Dumas fils. Camille made her way in life as a courtesan, and her byname referred to the camellias she carried as a signal of her availability.

What illness does Marguerite have in Camille?

Marguerite can’t afford to choose romance over practicality. Henry Daniell plays the creepy Baron de Varville. In the following months, Marguerite becomes the creepy Baron’s mistress, and has an intense tuberculosis flare-up, which leaves her bedridden. During Marguerite’s illness, only Armand comes to check on her.

What does Camille mean in French?

The name Camille is primarily a female name of French origin that means Perfect.

How does the movie Camille end?

Died in Your Arms Tonight: The film ends with Marguerite dying in Armand’s arms, as he talks about all the happy times they’ll have. Downer Ending: Marguerite dies of her illness. Duel to the Death: The Baron demands satisfaction after Armand slaps him.