What is Yoox Net-a-Porter?

YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP is a unique ecosystem of 4 multi-brand online stores (NET-A-PORTER, MR PORTER, YOOX and THE OUTNET), and numerous ONLINE FLAGSHIP STORES, powered by one technology and operations platform serving more than 4.3 million customers in 180 countries around the world.

Who owns Yoox com?

75% of Yoox is owned by private equity with Capital Kiwi (Italy), 360 Capital Partner (Net Partners, Italy) and Balderton Capital (then the European offshoot of Benchmark Capital – now independent), Co-founder Federico Marchetti owned 9% and 16% were owned by senior managers.

What happened to Yoox?

What happened? Yoox, the outlet luxury e-commerce player of Yoox Net-a-Porter (YNAP), announced today that it will exit the China market on February 18, 2020. YNAP will focus on developing its two luxury portals, Net-A-Porter and Mr. Porter, in China.

Are Yoox products authentic?

Yes, all of the products on yoox.com are authentic, guaranteed by direct and well-established relationships with designers, manufacturers and authorized dealers.

Is Net-a-Porter in trouble?

The luxury e-commerce leader reported a £10.5 million loss in the 15 months ending March 31, 2019, reflecting a tumultuous period following the company’s takeover by Richemont.

What is the difference between YOOX and outnet?

While Yoox sells a lot of ultra luxury product, in volume terms, that’s outweighed by the middle and lower-priced product it also offers. The Outnet by contrast is very much the upscale outlet sister of Net-a-Porter with its feet very firmly in the luxe camp. And that profile isn’t just about the product it sells.

Why is Net-a-Porter so successful?

Maintaining brand exclusivity: The flagship Net-A-Porter website and the other digital properties have been successful due to the high degree of exclusivity they offer to their customers by having on sale carefully selected, hand-picked items out of a bigger collection.

What happened to yoox?

Where does yoox ship from?

We ship all orders from our warehouse in Bologna (Italy).

Whats happening with net-a-porter?

LONDON, United Kingdom — Luxury e-commerce leader Net-a-Porter Group, a legal entity operated out of the United Kingdom that includes Mr Porter and The Outnet, as well as its namesake brand, is no longer profitable, following the company’s takeover by Richemont, according to accounts filed in the UK earlier this month.