What movie should I watch if I liked The Matrix?

15 movies like The Matrix to watch next

  • Cloud Atlas. (Image credit: Warner Bros.)
  • Blade Runner 2049. (Image credit: Sony Pictures )
  • V for Vendetta. (Image credit: IMDb)
  • Ghost in the Shell. (Image credit: Shochiku)
  • Inception. (Image credit: Warner Bros.)
  • Jupiter Ascending.
  • Hard Boiled.
  • Minority Report.

Was Inception inspired by the Matrix?

No, Seriously. The Matrix was responsible for blowing everyone’s minds back in the ’90s with a combination of kung fu, special effects, and Keanu Reeves’ middle school philosophy lessons.

Is inception like The Matrix?

One of the main differences between Inception and The Matrix is how the characters enter the dream. In The Matrix, humans have plugs that allow them to be in the virtual world. In Inception, they have the portable automated somnacin intravenous device, which is not as invasive as the Matrix technology.

Should I watch Inception or matrix?

Originally Answered: Was Inception better than The Matrix? Inception is just as well executed as The Matrix, but it lacks a vision of the future that characterizes great science fiction. The Matrix puts forward the idea that humans are software programs; that’s what makes it the science fiction movie for our time.

Is it overwhelming to watch movies like Inception or matrix?

It can be really overwhelming to experience movies like “The Matrix” and “ Inception ” the very first time. If you pay attention, however, you being to notice e very little detail and shots that help you get the full picture. You have to piece it all together to make sense of what just happened. Not everything is explained to you.

What are some movies similar to the matrix?

So, following is the list of movies similar to The Matrix that are our recommendations. You can watch of some of these movies like The Matrix on Netflix or Amazon Prime or Hulu. 12. The Thirteenth Floor (1999) If you are looking for a film as close as “The Matrix”, there is no other better option than this one.

Are there more movies like Inception like it?

It left audiences wanting more… and we’re here to help. If you’re looking for more movies like Inception, the two other Nolan films that hew most closely are 1999’s brain-splitter Memento, and 2006’s treacherous The Prestige.