What receivers work with Spektrum DX3C?

The DX3C features DSM technology and is compatible with Spektrum DSM, DSM2, and Marine surface receivers.

What receivers work with DX3S?

The DX3S is compatible with all MR3000 and DSM2 surface receivers. * The typical telemetry range is 100-200 feet and will vary depending on the operating environment.

What is Spektrum DSM receiver?

The SR200 DSM 2-channel receiver offers Spektrum™ surface radio system owners the chance to affordably add DSM control to their models. This receiver is compatible with all Spektrum surface radio systems and features a fuel-proof case. Protection against moistureis provided by a conformally coated circuit board.

What is Spektrum DSM technology?

Spektrum’s newly released DSM (Digital Spectrum Modulation) system advances RC radio technology to the next generation. Based on an optimized version of Direct Sequencing Spread Spectrum, DSM offers pure digital control providing an impenetrable radio link that’s immune to all types of interference.

Is DSM and DSMR compatible?

DSMR transmitters are compatible with DSMR, DSM2®, DSM® and marine receivers.

How do you bind a Spektrum dx3e?

With the steering wheel, throttle trigger and Aux channel (if applicable) in the desired preset failsafe positions, press and hold the bind button and turn on the transmitter. The red LED on the front of the transmitter will flash within a couple seconds indicating the transmitter is in bind mode.

What is a DSM transmitter?

What is DSM (DSM2/DSMX) DSM2 and DSMX are widely used radio protocols for 2.4GHz spektrum RC transmitters and receivers. It is also used in the SuperbitRF project as datalink. The protocol makes it possible to have multiple receiver/transmitters in the 2.4GHz spektrum without much interference.

What is the difference between DSMR and DSMX?

DSMR is a digital signal. A DSM2/DSMX is a air module. Air modules will not bind to surface receivers. According to the SR2010 / SR415 manual, its a DSMR receiver than can fall back and bind to a DSM2 transmitter.

What is a Spektrum dx3c?

The Spektrum™ DX3C radio is the ultimate entry-level computer radio. With features of most mid-level 3-channel surface radios, it features a totally new design case and upgraded easy-to-read; dot-matrix LCD display. Offering mixing, capable of 4-way steering or programmable mixing, and a 20-model memory.

Is my dx3s system compatible with DSM2 surface receivers?

New DX3S systems (SPM3140) are now compatible with DSM2 surface receivers and the Marine receiver (SPMMR3000), in addition to DSM surface receivers. The SPM3140 transmitter features the below logo on the back. If you own an earlier DX3S system (SPM3130) and would like it upgraded with the new technology, please contact the Spektrum Service center.

What is the dx3s surface radio?

3-channel dsm surface radio with telemetry. Combining Spektrum’s industry-leading 2.4GHz DSM (r) technology with valuable telemetry features, the DX3S is an incredibly advanced sport-level DSM radio.

What can the dx3s do for You?

You can keep your engine operating in the optimum temperature range, keep an eye on battery voltage and find out just how fast your vehicle is running. And you can do it all from the DX3S’s large LCD screen. The DX3S is compatible with all MR3000 and DSM2 surface receivers.