What stores are left in Gwinnett Place Mall?

Current stores:

  • ADK Town.
  • A√©ropostale.
  • ATL Addictions.
  • Atlanta Mattress Factory.
  • Bath & Body Works.
  • Beauty Master.
  • Center for Pan Asian Community (CPAC)
  • Cribs 2 Ten.

What happened to Gwinnett Place Mall?

After filming concluded, the Starcourt Mall set was dismantled in the summer of 2019 to prevent fans from vandalizing the set to steal souvenirs.

Can you visit Gwinnett Place Mall?

Yes this is the Gwinnett place mall is the mall that is in stranger things . You can visit the mall and see the live filming.

Is Gwinnett Place Mall for sale?

Gwinnett County has closed on its purchase of Gwinnett Place mall. The county bought 39 acres of the mall property for $23 million, including the main mall building.

When was Gwinnett Mall built?

1984Gwinnett Place Mall / Opened

Who owns Gwinnett Place mall?

Moonbeam Capital InvestmentsGwinnett Place Mall / Owner

Is Shannon Mall still open?

After new ownership and renovations in 2006, the name was changed from “Shannon Mall” to “Union Station Mall” in 2006. After many years of decline, the mall closed in November 2010, and demolition began in late October 2014 to make way for a movie studio.

When was Gwinnett Place mall built?

When did Gwinnett Place Mall open?

Where is Starcourt Mall from Stranger things?

Duluth Georgia
The filming location for the Starcourt Mall was the Gwinnett Place Mall, located in Duluth Georgia.

Where is stranger things filmed?

Atlanta, Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Does Starcourt Mall exist?

The Gwinnett Place Mall, where filming occurred, closed in early 2021 and will apparently be demolished. A murder occurred in the food court several months before filming occurred. The body was not discovered for some weeks, since it was in an unused stall in the food court.