What was Leafstar warrior name?

Leafstar is the current leader of SkyClan in the gorge and in the lake territories. She was originally a rogue named Leaf who joined the newly revived Clan in gorge under Firestar’s guidance. She was given her warrior name, Leafdapple, and an apprentice, Sparrowpaw.

How old is Leafstar?

Age Approx. 62 Moons Old (Approx. 5.16 Years) At Death
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed in Fire; Smoke Inhalation

Does Leafstar have nine lives?

Moth Flight has a vision of Leafstar’s nine lives ceremony. Firestar and Echosong are also present as Leafstar waits for StarClan cats to arrive. First to arrive is Cloudstar, an ancient SkyClan leader, giving Leafstar her first life, causing her to jerk with the pain of it.

Who are Leafpool’s kits?

Leafpool is daughter of Firestar. Her mate is Crowfeather, and she used to be medicine cat of ThunderClan. Her sister is Squirrelflight and her kits are Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf.

Who is the oldest warrior cat?

Mistystar was the oldest known living cat in the Warriors series, at roughly 14.9 years old.

Who is Squirrelflight’s real kits?

Squirrelflight and Bramblestar have a litter of kits, Alderkit, Sparkkit, Dandelionkit, and Juniperkit.

What are the problems of Leafstar’s Warriors?

Among many of Leafstar’s problems is infighting between the warriors, Frecklepaw wanting to become a medicine cat, Sharpclaw undermining his leader, and Leafstar’s feelings for the daylight-warrior Billystorm. Rogues who met Firestar on his initial journey arrive in the gorge, and introduce themselves as Stick, Cora, Shorty, and Coal.

How did Leafstar become Leafstar?

She was given her warrior name, Leafdapple, and an apprentice, Sparrowpaw. After defeating the rats, she became SkyClan’s new leader with some reluctance, receiving the new name Leafstar, and made Sharpclaw her deputy.

How does the daylight warrior system work in Leafstar?

In order to increase their members, Leafstar allows kittypets from the Twolegplace to join as daylight-warriors, providing for the Clan during the day and returning to their Twolegs at night. However, the system is still new and causes many arguments between the Clan.

What kind of animal is Leafstar in Firestar?

Firestar’s Quest, however, says that Leafstar was a rogue. She has been mistakenly called a brown-and-white tabby. The following information is from sources considered non- canon or retconned. On Vicky’s Facebook, Plumwillow’s mentor was Leafstar.