Where are LEKI ski poles from?

LEKI, the world’s leading manufacturer of Ski, Hiking and Trekking Poles, had its start in Kirchheim, Germany as a hobby of its founder, Karl Lenhart, an airframe mechanic and avid skier. Lenhart believed aluminum would make a superior ski pole compared to the heavy steel models available in the late 1940s.

Where is LEKI made?

the Czech Republic
The majority of LEKI products are manufactured in our factory in the Czech Republic.

Can you cut down LEKI poles?

You really need to use a dedicated carbon cutting blade for the hack saw. If you are friends with anyone in a local bike shop they will have the equipment, and may cut them for a small fee. I would contact Leki with regards to removing the grips.

Where are LEKI sticks made?

LEKI products are developed and designed in Swabian Kirchheim/Teck. The poles are manufactured in our own production facilities in the Czech Republic in accordance with state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly methods.

Is LEKI a German company?

Leki is a German family company that manufactures the most ski poles in the whole world. Leki represents the well-known German quality in their production and rightfully is amongst the top brands in manufacturing ski, ski cross, tracking, nordic walking poles and sport gloves.

Which ski poles are whippet ready?

The Black Diamond Whippet will retail in a 3-piece aluminum or 2-piece carbon option. Additionally, the BD Traverse WR 2 pole will be ‘Whippet ready,’ meaning you can buy or borrow the Whippet head separately and install it on your poles if desired. The new Whippets will be available fall 2018.

How do you remove Leki grips?

Just wack off the inch and a half then wrap the bottom part with a piece of duct tape to the right diameter and glue the grip thingie back together. That’s so Hillbilly, you didn’t hear it from me…. This. Similar to using build up tape on golf clubs, tennis racquets, etc.

How can I make my ski poles shorter?

I Ski Better on Retro Day Use a pipe cutter like the ones plumbers use to cut copper pipe. It makes a clean straight cut. Just slip it over the pole, tighten it down and spin it around the pole, tightening as you go, until it cuts clear through.