Where are Pagid car parts made?

Together, the group supplies braking to vehicle manufacturers, distributors and installers on every continent, and in every significant marketplace. With headquarters in Leverkusen, Germany, Pagid brake pads are 100% manufactured in-house at our own state-of-the-art production facilities across Europe.

Is Pagid an OEM?

Shedding new light on brakes HELLA PAGID BRAKE SYSTEMS is one of the leading providers of brake systems in the free aftermarket. We can look back on decades of experience as an OEM and offer the sales competence of one of the largest trading organizations in the world.

What does pagid mean?

Acronym. Definition. PAGID. Pan American Group for Immunodeficiency.

What are pagid brake pads made of?

PAGID racing compounds are complex formulations with very high content of ceramic materials. All Pagid materials are asbestos free. The difference to competitor’s ‘metallic’ compounds is the superior thermal insulation and the higher heat resistance of ceramic compared to iron.

Are pagid discs coated?

Pagid brake discs are coated with a weather and temperature resistant Geomet top coat. As this coating is applied to the friction ring of the brake disc, during the first braking actions some grinding noises or a slight development of smoke may occur as the protective coating is removed.

Is Brembo better than Eicher?

Eicher is a basic brand from TMD friction and Brembo is another brake parts manufacturer. You can by discs to fit your car from either manufacturer or equivalent and they will basically be the same. The well known brands, especially those that supply the car manufacturers (OEMs) might have higher standards.

Are Brembo a good make?

Brembo is widely regarded as the best brake company in the world. The brakes are best known in the car racing world.

Are Hella brakes any good?

Braking feel & modulation is very good. Braking grip is outstanding, with no fade experience even after many hard braking. Friction very good. Braking feel is excellent….Marcovanbasten.

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4. Turbocharged 10. 2nd Gear
5. Supercharged 11. 1st Gear
6. 6th Gear 12. Clutched
13. Neutral Newbie

Why buy Pagid parts?

BUY PARTS NOW! Pagid is the world’s leading manufacturer in the original equipment market for the automotive and brake industry. Over 200 different raw materials evaluated, before deciding on final friction formula.

Is Pagid a good brake brand?

Pagid is a German brake manufacturer that has produced braking systems for everyday and performance cars for over 60 years. Pagid is known for its high-quality braking systems, and they have a wide range of products that cover a variety of different vehicles. Pagid is much more than one brand, to be honest.

Are Pagid disc pads any good?

I hear Pagid are good, but just opted for some Black Diamond discs. Will go for some ferodo pads too.

Are Pagid hoses any good?

Race stuff is good, RS4-2 is one of the original race compounds and works really well. sorry, these are brake hoses. Don’t see why not, Pagid are a good make. Just avoid the cheap stuff on ECP/GSF- eicher, anschler, rtx, circoli etc. Some of the stuff they punt these days is shocking. Pagid was OEM parts for VW. Don’t know if it still is.