Which is the best weather app for Android?

The following are the best weather apps and weather widgets currently available for Android. 1) 1Weather 2) Accuweather 3) Appy Weather 4) Google Feed 5) MyRadar Weather Radar 6) NOAA Weather 7) Overdrop 8) Storm Radar 9) Today Weather 10) WeatherBug Just install this extension and get top ten app list.

How do I get my weather widget back on my Android?

Add the Weather and Clock widget

  1. To add a widgets, touch and hold an empty area on the screen.
  2. Swipe to the right (or to the left) to access all available widgets until you find the Weather widgets.
  3. Touch the Weather widgets to access all the widgets this category hold.

Does Google have weather widget?

While you may feel that you are missing out on some extra options, Google’s Weather app showcases all the required information. Google’s Weather app is part of the Google app on your Android phone, and you can easily add a separate widget to your home screen for getting timely updates about the weather in your area.

Is there a better weather app than AccuWeather?

AccuWeather, Dark Sky, Weather Underground, Today Weather, and NOAA Radar Live are the best weather apps for Android.

What is the best weather app for Android without ads?

Weawow Weather is a beautiful weather app that’s free of advertisements. It provides detailed weather forecasts for up to 10 days. You’ll also find details about temperatures, probability of rain, humidity, dew point, air quality, wind speed, UV index, and a lot more.

What happened to weather on Android home screen?

Check and add weather widgets to your home screen For that, long-press on your Home Screen, and tap on ‘Widgets’. In the Widgets popup screen that appears, scroll down and tap on ‘Google’. You should now see the two new weather widgets available.

How do I get the weather on my home screen Samsung?

Android OS Version 10.0 (Q)

  1. 1 Long press Weather widget and select Widget settings.
  2. 2 Tap on Change and select a new location to display.
  3. 3 Once you have applied changes, you will be able to view the new location weather.