Who is Black Lotus Accel World?

Kuroyukihime is a mysterious and popular student who also happens to be the Student Council Vice-President at Umesato Junior High School. Her Brain Burst Avatar is Black Lotus (ブラック・ロータス, Burakku Rōtasu?), in which she was a burst linker only when she was eight years old.

Which is better Accel World or Sword Art Online?

Sword Art Online presents a gorgeous score that perfectly accentuates every moment from combat, to the more quiet moments. Accel World’s soundtrack feels more standard for anime, with many of the tracks not being quite as memorable as those in Sword Art Online.

Is Accel world end?

Accel World will end with Volume 30, working title Uninstallation Of The Universe. Haruyuki will end up together with KYH, who has never lied about her real name – it is Kuroyukihime. Her last name is Kirigaya.

Is chiyu a Burst Linker?

Takumu reveals that Chiyuri meets the first requirement for being a Burst Linker, as she wore a Neurolinker to communicate with her father, who had pharyngeal cancer.

Who is kirito in Accel World?

Kazuto Kirigaya
Kazuto Kirigaya (桐ヶ谷和人, Kirigaya Kazuto?), in-game name Kirito (キリト, Kirito?), originally a Sword Art Online character, appeared in a short story in Accel World Light Novel Volume 10 chapter 3 and Manga Chapter 18 onward to chapter 20 and had a battle with Silver Crow.

Is Kuroyukihime the daughter of Kirito?

Kuroyukihime is Kiritos’ daughter!

Which came first SAO or Accel World?

Accel World came first. According to their Wikipedia pages, Accel World light novel started in February 2009 while Sword Art Online started in April 2009.

Why does lime Bell heal dusk taker?

When Dusk Taker questioned how this had happened, Lime Bell explained that her ability was not actual healing; instead it was the ability to turn back time on an avatar, which was what allowed Dusk Taker’s weapons to also be restored when she first healed him.