Who is Derek in AHS?

Derrick was one of Ben Harmon’s patients who had a fear of urban legends, specifically the Piggy Man….

Portrayed By Eric Stonestreet

Is there self harm in AHS?

Are there any rape or self harm scenarios in any episode of all the seasons of American Horror Story? There are many many explicit self harm scenes in season one, and all of that season is done here. It’s central to on character’s characterization and pops up a lot, every time its shown is noted.

Why did Constance give Vivien raw meat?

We’ll talk about Constance in a bit, but as for Moira? I think she’s giving Vivien the bloody meat uncooked because she doesn’t want that baby to be born, either out of spite toward Constance or because she fears the ramifications of the child/thing’s arrival.

Why did Tate Langdon shoot the school?

He then sets off to set Larry on fire and shoot up his high school. It is well established that cocaine, especially in large doses over a short period of time, can make the user very violent. Addy was bullied and/or molested; Tate was seeking revenge.

What episode does Tate wear the skeleton makeup?

Smoldering Children

“Smoldering Children”
American Horror Story episode
Episode no. Season 1 Episode 10
Directed by Michael Lehmann
Written by James Wong

What episode in AHS does violet cut herself?

The mixed pressure of her own life crumbling and the presence of ghosts pushes Violet to attempt suicide in episode 6, “Piggy, Piggy.” Four episodes later, episode 10, “Smoldering Children” reveals that this actually did end up leading to her death.

What episode of Murder House does Violet self harm?

Why did Constance poison Violet?

Why is Constance trying to poison Violet? Well Violet is sort of causing problems for Constance’s grand master plan, which is revealed I believe in episode 5. It has something to do with Tate.

Which season of AHS has the school shooting?

“Piggy Piggy” is the sixth episode of the first season of the television series American Horror Story, which premiered on the network FX on November 9, 2011. The episode was written by supervising producer Jessica Sharzer and directed by Michael Uppendahl. This episode is rated TV-MA (LV).