Who is most popular character in Naruto?

The third Naruto databook compiled the results of the first six polls to determine the most popular characters overall.

  • Kakashi Hatake – 48,431 votes.
  • Naruto Uzumaki – 42,862 votes.
  • Sasuke Uchiha – 33,632 votes.
  • Iruka Umino – 23,532 votes.
  • Shikamaru Nara – 11,211 votes.
  • Sakura Haruno – 9,701 votes.
  • Neji Hyūga – 9,362 votes.

What are the top 5 Naruto characters?

Naruto: The 16 Best Characters In The Series

  • 8 Orochimaru.
  • 7 Hinata.
  • 6 Gaara.
  • 5 Jiraiya.
  • 4 Itachi.
  • 3 Sasuke.
  • 2 Naruto. Of course, Naruto’s title character has to rank highly on any list of its best characters.
  • 1 Kakashi. Naruto may have title billing but the spotlight is just nicked away by his Team 7 leader, Kakashi.

Who’s the strongest person in Naruto?

It’s undeniable that anyone in the Naruto series could’ve faced her head-on and had won the battle. Conclusively, Kaguya is the most vital and Strongest Character in the Naruto Series.

How many Naruto characters are there?

There are at least 54 characters in Naruto Shippūden.

Who is the handsome boy in Naruto?

As you should understand by now, Sasuke Uchiha is the most handsome male character in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

Who are the most popular Naruto characters?

Naruto Uzumaki (6,880 votes)

  • Sasuke Uchiha (5,791 votes)
  • Kakashi Hatake (4,828 votes)
  • Itachi Uchiha (4,011 votes)
  • Minato Namikaze (3,477 votes)
  • Shikamaru Nara (2,533 votes)
  • Hinata Hyūga (2,517 votes)
  • Iruka Umino (2,494 votes)
  • Sakura Haruno (2,188 votes)
  • What are the names of all the Naruto characters?

    Name Meaning: Ebi=Shrimp zou=Elephant. Enma Enkouou. name Meaning: Ruler of Hades. Fuuma Sasame. Name Meaning: Fuuma=Wind Abrasion; Sasame=A name, “same” means rain. Gaara. meaning of the name Gaara is: A name made up of three Kanji characters. Ga meaning “me,” ai meaning “love,” and ra meaning “demon.” Gatô.

    Who are all the Naruto characters?

    Kawarama Senju – He became a casualty to the Uchiha and the Hagoromo clan during the ever-waging battles

  • Itama Senju – Killed by Uchiha clan members
  • Tajima Uchiha – Unknown cause of death
  • Butsuma Senju – Unknown cause of death
  • Izuna Uchiha – Mortally wounded by Tobirama Senju
  • Who is the strongest Naruto character?

    When it comes to who is the strongest character in Naruto, Jiraiya stands out at the top place. He is not only immensely powerful, but he is also a Hidden Leaf’s teacher. He is the mentor behind some of the fan-favorites as well as the strongest Naruto characters like the protagonist Naruto, Nagato, Konan, Yahiko, Fourth Hokage and more.