Who is the real Ada Wong in re6?

Carla Radames
Carla Radames is the name of Ada Wong’s clone. The woman in blue is Carla and the one in red is Ada. Carla was a researcher for Neo Umbrella and the one responsible for the discovery of the C-Virus. She was also a close confidant of Derek C….

Carla Radames
Real Name Carla Radames
Sex Female
Ethnicity American

Was Ada Wong an experiment?

Obsessed with getting her back, Simmons went through over 12,000 experiments in trying to create his own Ada Wong, eventually using the C-Virus’ creator, Carla Radames as a subject.

Does Ada Wong love Leon?

Ada is as much in love with Leon Kennedy as every psychopath is with the one person they allow to live so they can point to that person and say “I’m not a monster. I didn’t kill them.” She uses him and nothing more. Keeping Leon from getting killed works in her favour.

Does Leon kiss Ada?

After Ada refuses Leon’s help, respecting her wishes and without touching her, Leon guilds Ada up the garbage pile. Ada complains about her injured leg and Leon offers to carry her. Ada kisses Leon. After Ada’s true intentions are revealed, Leon challenges her to shoot him; she’s unable to.

How old is Sherry in RE6?

In Resident Evil 6 and onwards, Sherry is now an adult 26 (and later 27) year old woman. Her hair is cut shorter.

How old is Chris in RE6?

Chris Redfield was born in 1973, meaning he was 23 during the events of the first Resident Evil game in 1996, when he served as point man for the STARS Alpha Team. Resident Evil Village takes place a good 25 years later in February 2021, putting Chris Redfield at the age of 48.

Is Ada Wong in Resident Evil 6?

In Resident Evil 6, Ada Wong may have returned as one of the game’s antagonists, as she works for “Neo-Umbrella”. She may have decimated Chris Redfield ‘s BSAA unit in an event before the game.

What happened to the real Ada Wong?

Wong rushed to her body to pay respects, but found she was still alive, having infected herself with the Enhanced C-Virus after her fall. Still believing herself to be the real Ada Wong, Radames boasted her doomsday project’s impending success.

Is Radames the real Ada Wong?

Still believing herself to be the real Ada Wong, Radames boasted her doomsday project’s impending success. Radames’ mutations caused catastrophic damage to the aircraft carrier, causing it to begin sinking, with Wong narrowly reaching a helicopter.

How did Wong find Sera and Kennedy in the village?

Now knowing where to find him, Wong made her way to a derelict part of the village, where she found both Sera and Kennedy being carried out by a group of villagers led by the local Priest, Fr. Bitores Mendez.