Who kidnapped Kim in Taken?

Neeson plays Bryan Mills, an ex-CIA Agent who sets about tracking down his teenage daughter Kim (Grace) and her best friend Amanda (Cassidy) after the two girls are kidnapped by Albanian human traffickers while traveling in France during a vacation.

Where Did Kim go in Taken?

After reluctantly agreeing to let his 17-year-old daughter, Kim (Maggie Grace), go to France with her best friend, Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) is horrified to hear that she is kidnapped by an Albanian gang whose specialty is prostitution rings.

What happens to Kims friend in Taken?

Amanda was a good friend of Kim Mills in Taken. Ultimately, Amanda’s carelessness and promiscuity result in the kidnappers learning where Kim and her are and that they are alone, causing them to be abducted and Amanda herself being killed.

Do they find Amanda in Taken?

In TAKEN, the character Amanda dies from a drug overdose having been kidnapped and possibly raped. Neeson looks sad. But at the end of the film, having rescued his own daughter, Amanda is not mentioned or mourned whatsoever.

Who is Jean Claude in Taken?

Oliver Rabourdin
Jean-Claude Pitrel is a corrupt French police officer, bureaucrat, and former field agent, where he met Bryan Mills. He is played by Oliver Rabourdin.

Who is Kimmy Taken?

Maggie Grace
The actor in question, Maggie Grace, showed herself to be quite the budding action star in her role as Kim Mills – especially in Taken 3, where she’s seen holding her own against the bad guys as she helps her father.

How old is Kim in taken1?

In the Taken movie franchise, Liam Neeson is center stage as ex-CIA officer Bryan Mills, but it’s the actor who plays Mills’ kidnapped 17-year-old daughter who steals scenes more often than not.

Who is Jean Claude in taken?

What is Jean Claude saying in Taken?

As long as my family is provided for, I do not care where the difference comes from. That is my entire involvement!”