Who owned Allaire State Park?

James P. Allaire
Visitor Center and Museum Exhibits on the 19th-century bog iron industry, the Howell Works (original name for Allaire Village), and its owner, James P. Allaire provide an introduction to Allaire Village.

When was Allaire State Park built?


Allaire State Park
Area 3,205 acres (1,297 ha)
Created 1940
Operated by New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry
Open All year

Where are the dinosaurs at Allaire State Park?

The Dinosaur area can be found in the woods just east of the Group Campground. There are a lot of trials in this area, and most are not marked.

How big is Allaire State Park?

3,000 acres
There are state parks, and then there is Allaire, where you can explore the Garden State’s history along with an intriguing natural environment. This Monmouth County gem located in Farmingdale, and offers 3,000 acres of landscape and culture, as well as plenty of ways to enjoy it.

Can you fish in Allaire State Park?

Allaire State Park has three different fishing areas, and Mingamahone Brook may be the most popular. The waters here are usually clear, even when the rest of the Manasquan River turns muddy. Four-pound trout are not uncommon here. Anglers can also catch rainbow trout at this and other fishing areas.

Do you have to pay to get into Allaire State Park?

General admission tickets are $7 at the gate and $5 if purchased via the ticketing service Eventbrite. Children 3 and younger are free. The village features 13 buildings from the old Howell Iron Works Co., which flourished as a self-sufficient, isolated community of as many as 400 residents from 1822-1846.

How much does it cost to camp at Allaire State Park?

The campground is open year round. Fee: NJ Resident $20 per night; Non-Resident $25 per night. Shelters: Six shelters.

Is Allaire Village open?

The Village is OPEN Wednesday through Sunday from 11am-4pm. Pilsen Gourmet Food Truck will be serving food all week. The Allaire General Store and Bakery will also be open! Take a tour of the Village at 1:30pm each day!

Are dogs allowed in Allaire State Park?

Policy Details. Pets are welcome on the grounds and trails but not in buildings.