Who owns Austin brand?

Austin Motor Company

Official marque logo, revised by current owners SAIC.
Product type Automotive marque
Owner SAIC
Discontinued 1987
Previous owners Austin Motor Company (1905–1952) BMC (1952–1967) British Leyland (Austin Rover) (1967–1988) Rover Group (1988–2005)

Why was the Austin 7 called a chummy?

The car was always intended to seat four, but a body only inches longer than the current basic Smart and many inches narrower scarcely made for comfort. The model called the Chummy was exactly that – occupants overflowed the sides, and rear passengers had a bumpy ride perched behind the rear axle.

How many Austin Sevens are left?

2021 2018
AUSTIN A30 SEVEN 861 868
AUSTIN SEVEN 2.3k 2.3k

What is an Austin Chummy?

Wikipedia. English: Austin Seven. “The space at the back of the driver’s seat has intentionally been restricted so that any attempt to overload the car with too many passengers will be militated against by the discomfort attached thereto.” Austin Company literature. Chummy was a generic name for a style of bodywork.

Where was the Austin car factory?

Longbridge plant

SAIC Longbridge plant
Architect Herbert Austin
Style Manufacturing, industrial centre / plant
Area 69 acres (28 ha) (Remaining)
Address MG Motor, Lowhill Lane, Longbridge, Birmingham B31 2BQ

Where was the Austin Princess car made?

In New Zealand the car was officially sold as the Austin Princess. Assembled in the New Zealand Motor Corporation’s plant in Nelson, it was introduced to the market in 1977 and utilized the Austin 1800 B-series engine.

What is an Austin Ruby?

The Austin 7 which was produced from 1920’s to the late 1930’s was one of the most popular cars ever produced for the British. It made a major impact on the small car manufacturers of the day, so much so that the very first BMW (Dixie), the American Austin’s were actually licensed Austin 7’s.

What is the difference between Austin A30 and A35?

The A35 is very similar in appearance to the A30, except for a larger rear window aperture and a painted front grille, with chrome horse-shoe surround, instead of the chrome grille on the A30.

How much does an Austin 7 weigh?

Austin 7 performance and specs

Model Austin 7 1933-34
Wheelbase 2057mm
Length 3023mm
Width 1588mm
Weight 330kg

What was the first Austin car?

Austin bought a disused printing works and founded the Austin Motor Company in 1905. The first car to be produced was a four-cylinder model. The design featured a vertical engine that was similar to the English-built Clement-Gladiators assembled in the same factory.