Why was color switch removed from the App Store?

As of December 22nd, the Color Switch app has been taken down by the former publisher because they are holding our game hostage. We’ve worked very hard to avoid this situation and we are very sorry to let you, our players, down.

What is a good score on color switch?

The highest score in the game 999, however, real players show up around 400. While that may seem daunting, Fortafy’s official Facebook page uses a score of 15 as a reasonable milestone- so aim for that. We are quite sure you can get to 15 with practice, determination and some of these tips.

How much does color switch cost?

Colors Live – Nintendo Switch

List Price: $49.99 Details
You Save: $10.00 (20%)

What is the highest score ever on color switch?

The highest score possible is 999.

What is the world record for color switch run?

Color Switch: World record – 200+ score – YouTube.

Who owns Coloured switch?

David Reichelt
Above: David Reichelt now owns the rights to Color Switch. GamesBeat: How did this all get started for you? What’s your background like? David Reichelt: We had a neighbor who lived a couple of streets down the road, when I was about five years old.

Do you need wifi to play Color Switch?

If you are playing offline, there are also other functions of your device that will not work. For example, you might not receive calls or texts among other functions. We made the game available this way for those in rural areas or those that could not get wi-fi.

How much do color switches make?

Arcade game with good retention numbers can do about $200-$300k per one million installs (estimates based on my games). So Color Switch be able to earn something about $20m-$30m of gross revenue with their 100m installs.

What is Star mode in color switch?

The Player can earn stars by playing Game mode Levels or Endless Modes. Sometimes an uncommon star might appear that is worth 10 stars. Playing the Daily Challenge will earn the player 50 Stars or by spinning the wheel in the Daily Prize at where the player can get 10, 25, 50 or 99 Stars.