Are death certificates public record in Nebraska?

Death records in Nebraska become public records after fifty years.

How do I find death records in Nebraska?

Contact the county clerk for a record search and to obtain copies. Be aware that charges may apply whether a record is located or not. You can also try checking out these free online genealogy resources for Nebraska deaths, obituaries, and burials.

Where do I get a death certificate in Nebraska?

The Office of Vital Records preserves birth, death, marriage and divorce records which occur in Nebraska. The records maintained by this office are issued as legal certified copies and are printed on multi-colored security paper with a digitally enhanced state seal.

When did Nebraska start keeping death records?

In 1867, the Territory of Nebraska was admitted to the union as the 37th state. The State began to keep death records in late 1904.

How long does it take to get a death certificate in the state of Nebraska?

15 days
In Nebraska, it takes at least 15 days to process a mail-in death record request. Requesters can choose an expedited shipping service to get mailed certificates within two business days. The processing time for an in-person application is about thirty minutes.

When did Nebraska start issuing death certificates?

Birth and death records start in 1904. Marriage and divorce records start in 1909. Some counties kept records in ledgers before 1904 & 1909.

What are vital statistics?

The vital statistics of a population are statistics such as the number of births, deaths, or marriages which take place in it. Someone’s vital statistics, especially a woman’s, are the measurements of their body at certain points, for example at their chest, waist, and hips.

Who is entitled to death benefits in Social Security?

A widow or widower age 60 or older (age 50 or older if they have a disability). A surviving divorced spouse, under certain circumstances. A widow or widower at any age who is caring for the deceased’s child who is under age 16 or has a disability and receiving child’s benefits.

Where to obtain a Nebraska death certificate?

– The decedent’s full name (include maiden name, if married) – The date of death (indicate a range of years if the exact date of death is unknown or uncertain) – The place of death – Requester’s relationship to the decedent – The purpose for requesting the death record

Where can I find death records for free?

1930 Federal Population Census This NARA site is dedicated to the release of the 1930 census.

  • American Battle Monuments Commission: World War II Dead Arranged by cemetary and memorial,this site displays the burials and missing in action for 172,218 victims.
  • American FactFinder This U.S.
  • Who can obtain a death certificate copy?


  • Aunt/Uncle
  • Great grandchild and great-great grandchild
  • Grandniece/Grandnephew
  • How do you request a death certificate?

    Birth,death and marriage certificates may also be obtained at the Register of Deeds office in the county where the event took place.

  • The only authorized 3rd-party site for North Carolina birth certificates is VitalChek.
  • Please be aware that NC Vital Records is the only place to get a birth certificate for an adopted child.