Can multiple inheritance have virtual classes?

Virtual base classes are used in virtual inheritance in a way of preventing multiple “instances” of a given class appearing in an inheritance hierarchy when using multiple inheritances.

What is virtual inheritance in C++ *?

Virtual inheritance is a C++ technique that ensures that only one copy of a base class’s member variables are inherited by second-level derivatives (a.k.a. grandchild derived classes).

Can you inherit from multiple classes in CPP?

You can derive a class from any number of base classes. Deriving a class from more than one direct base class is called multiple inheritance.

Can we create object of virtual class in C++?

We can’t create object of abstract class as we reserve a slot for a pure virtual function in Vtable, but we don’t put any address, so Vtable will remain incomplete.

What is virtual base class in CPP?

Overview. Virtual base classes in C++ are used as a way of preventing multiple instances of a given class from appearing in an inheritance hierarchy when using multiple inheritances.

What does =+ mean in C++?

The statement that =+ is assignment (equivalent to plain = operator), while += increases a variable’s value by a certain amount, is INCORRECT. x += y as well as x =+ y will BOTH have the same effect (that is, both of these will cause the new value of x to be the old value of x + y).

How does virtual base class solve problem in multiple inheritance?

Instead, if classes B and C inherit virtually from class A , then objects of class D will contain only one set of the member variables from class A . This feature is most useful for multiple inheritance, as it makes the virtual base a common subobject for the deriving class and all classes that are derived from it.

When should I use virtual inheritance?

Virtual inheritance is used when we are dealing with multiple inheritance but want to prevent multiple instances of same class appearing in inheritance hierarchy.

What is the problem with multiple inheritance?

Multiple inheritance has been a controversial issue for many years, with opponents pointing to its increased complexity and ambiguity in situations such as the “diamond problem”, where it may be ambiguous as to which parent class a particular feature is inherited from if more than one parent class implements said …

What is multilevel inheritance in C++?

So in C++ multilevel inheritance, a class has more than one parent class. For example, if we take animals as a base class then mammals are the derived class which has features of animals and then humans are the also derived class that is derived from sub-class mammals which inherit all the features of mammals.