Can you choose your dorm in UBC?

Most offers go to students who qualify for a guaranteed room in Winter Session Residence. A limited number of spaces are reserved for returning students. After accepting an offer, we work behind-the-scenes to assign residence areas and rooms based on room type preferences and roommate group requests.

Does UBC Vancouver have dorms?

93 suites including studios, one bedrooms, four bedrooms, and townhouses. Students only. Luxury rental apartments located in the heart of UBC. Graduate student housing for singles and couples.

Which residence is best at UBC?

Totem Park It’s the the perfect place for first year students to make connections and find support services. Everyone at “Totem” purchases a convenient Residence Meal Plan.

How much does a UBC dorm cost?

Your residence costs will vary depending on what type of room you live in. A typical cost for a room and meal plan is between $9,000 and $11,000 for the eight-month school year.

Can you pick your roommate at UBC?

Roommate Requests Students can request to live together but we cannot guarantee requests will be accommodated. Roommate requests work best when you follow these steps: Submit all applications on the same date – with identical preferences (residence area, room type).

How many students live in UBC residence?

UBC houses more than 11,000 students in 13 residences.

Do UBC dorms have WIFI?

Internet access. Almost all rooms in first-year residence have Wi-Fi, with the exception of Ritsumeikan House in Orchard Commons.

Is living at UBC expensive?

The typical cost for a room and meal plan for a new undergraduate student is roughly $12,000–$14,500. However, fees can range from $10,300 to just over $15,000 depending on the room type. Payments for housing and meal plans are spread out over the school year.

How does UBC year round housing work?

Students in Year Round Residence qualify for a new contract offer every year while eligible. Lots of options, from shared suites with multiple roommates to studio apartment living in residence areas designed for upper-year students, graduate students and student families. It’s flexible.

How do I contact housing at UBC conferences&accommodation?

UBC Conferences & Accommodation manages a vast array of campus housing options. If you don’t see a package that meets your needs, or if you are travelling with family members and require specialized or additional services, please contact us at [email protected] or 1-888-822-1030 for more information and potential options

Where is the UBC Okanagan campus?

UBC’s Okanagan campus is located in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, at the heart of the beautiful Okanagan Valley.

How much is the Self Isolation package at UBC?

UBC Self-Isolation Package Subsidy UBC is offering subsidized rates for students who indicate they are facing financial hardship. The subsidized rate for the UBC Self-Isolation Package (accommodation and meals) is $45 per day.