Do fireplace balloons work?

The plastic Chimney Balloons can be blown up manually and are inserted into the throat of the chimney. However, while they were easy to use, these widely-used inflatables don’t actually perform well in preventing air leaks and helping you maximise your home heating and cooling!

Are Chimney Balloons a good idea?

If you light a fire with the Chimney Sheep in place, the fire will smoulder and not draw properly, and it’s fire retardant so it won’t burst into flames, which is fine with an open fire but to be honest the Chimney Balloon is a safer bet for gas fires.

Are Chimney Balloons reusable?

A: Yes – You can reuse your Chimney Balloon. To uninstall the Chimney Balloon, simply open the valve on the end of the Chimney Balloon handgrip, wait for the balloon to deflate, then gently lower the balloon out of the flue area.

What is a fireplace balloon?

The Chimney Balloon is an inflatable fireplace draft stopper. Inflate into place in the fireplace flue just above the damper. It makes an airtight seal that blocks outside air and chimney odor from entering your home.

Does Chimney Balloon stop noise?

By fitting a Chimney Balloon you will effectively block out a significant amount of noise. It’s designed to fill the whole chimney void, abutting all four walls of the chimney with an air-filled layer of insulation – so it does indeed work like double glazing.

Can Chimney Balloons cause damp?

They are also prone to puncturing. We have also heard from people who claim chimney balloons have led to damp. Chimneys are there for ventilation so it figures that if they are blocked, your house doesn’t breathe like it should. This can lead to condensation and mildew – not nice.

Can you light a fire with a Chimney Balloon?

The Chimney Balloon is a temporary blockage that would fall out if the gas fire was lit. If you do decide to use one to block a chimney for a gas fire, we recommend that you use it with extreme caution, making sure the warning tag is visible.

How do I choose a Chimney Balloon?

Selecting your Chimney Balloon For oblong and square chimneys, measure side to side and front to back. If there’s a fire surround, measure the chimney beyond this. If you’ve got a headtorch, it’s useful for keeping your hands free to measure. If you’ve got ski googles it will stop soot falling in your face.

Can chimney balloons cause damp?

How do I stop my fireplace from getting cold air?

Keep cold air out Along with the common throat damper located just above the firebox, some homeowners add a top-sealing damper at the top of the chimney to double their protection. Another great way to block cold air is with a chimney balloon or plug.

How do I stop noise coming through my chimney?

What can be done about wind noise in a chimney? The simple answer is: stick a sheep in it! The thick layer of wool will muffle the sound. It will also cut off the flow of air that is being caused by the stack effect, diminishing the noise of roaring air as it flows up the chimney.

Is the chimney balloon a good product?

You might think that the Chimney Balloon is a good product because of all its positive reviews, but you need to do your research before deciding on which one is right for you! The 36″x15″ may be too big or small depending on your chimney size – always measure your chimney prior to making a purchase!

Can I inflate the balloon while I am inside?

Never inflate the balloon while indoors – this can cause injury to you or your home. Ensure that there is ample ventilation and fresh air in the surrounding area before inflating!

How do you attach a balloon clamp to a fireplace?

If you are doing an exterior installation, then insert one inflated balloon into each end of the clamp and tighten down with pliers or a screwdriver so they stay in place as you pull them out together from inside the house through the fireplace.

What size balloon do I need for a chimney pillow?

The Chimney Balloon® 24″x12″ Inflatable Blocker (Medium Chimney Pillow®) is a lightweight, durable chimney balloon designed for use in all types of woodburning fireplaces. The medium size makes it ideal for homeowners with appliances that do not exceed 16-18kW heat output and/or flue sizes of up to 13″ in diameter.