Does Star Wars allow FanFiction?

That issue is: are fanzines a fair use of copyrighted material? If so, then fans require no permission from the owners of Star Wars and Star Trek copyrights to publish fan fiction. If not, however, then fans are potentially liable for copyright infringement.

Where can I read Star Wars FanFiction?

It’s a wild and fascinating one.

  • If you want any kind of fan fiction, is a great place to start looking.
  • All the Tropes Star Wars Fan Fiction Recs. This is a page on the All the Tropes wiki where fans of Star Wars fan fiction can post their recommendations.
  • Archive of Our Own.
  • Star Wars Fanon.

Can I write my own Star Wars story?

For legal reasons, neither Lucasfilm nor those licensed publishers will consider outside submissions. Don’t blame Disney for that – it was true before Disney bought Lucasfilm, and it’s true for any other entertainment franchise too.

How do you write the Force Star Wars?

The Force is capitalized in the book Aftermath, and the Wookieepedia Manual of Style also recommends capitalizing it. So there you go—if you’re writing about the Force, capitalize it. And, in other Star Wars formatting- and spelling-related news…

What is Star Wars fan fiction?

Star Wars fan fiction began in the late 1970s and early 1980s with the creation of zines, self-published paperbacks in which fic writers and artists could tell vivid, illustrated stories about Star Wars’ most popular — and strangest — characters.

Does reincarnation exist in Star Wars?

There is no known limit to how many times a person can come back into a new life. The Dark Hero, a Sith Lord who lived his first life during the Great-Hyperspace War, was known to have been reincarnated twice, once in 3,950 BBY and the other approximately in 3,681 BBY, at the start of the Great Galactic War.

Can I legally write a Star Wars book?

No, you cannot make money writing Star Wars books, unless you have been allowed by the copyright owner to do so. Star Wars and its characters, spaceships, and so on are either copyrighted or trademarked, and making money using those copyrighted stories or trademarked items is a breach of the law.