How big is a 994K?

Operating Specifications

Operating Weight 534852 lb 242605 kg
Bucket Capacity Range – Rock 19.1 – 29.1 m³ (25 – 38 yd³) 19.1 – 29.1 m³ (25 – 38 yd³)
Bucket Capacity Range – Coal 32.1 – 43.6 m³ (42 – 57 yd³) 32.1 – 43.6 m³ (42 – 57 yd³)

How much does a CAT 994 weigh?

427,209 lbs
The Caterpillar 994 is the largest-ever wheel loader built by Caterpillar. At 427,209 lbs the giant Caterpillar 994 dwarfs the 992, nearly doubling the already massive wheel loader in terms of weight, power, and bucket capacity.

How much can a 994K lift?

Application Match. The standard 994K is sized to load the 136 tonnes (150 ton) 785 in four passes. The 994K standard lift loads the 177 tonnes (195 ton) 789 in five passes, and loads the 227 tonnes (240 ton) 793 in six passes.

What is the biggest loader in the world?

LeTourneau L-2350
The P&H L-2350 Wheel Loader (formerly the L-2350 loader) is a loader used for surface mining. It is manufactured by Komatsu Limited. It holds the Guinness World Record for Biggest Earth Mover.

How much fuel does a wheel loader use per hour?

A medium wheel loader, says Caterpillar, typically consumes less than a gallon per hour when idling. On the other hand, a 369-horsepower 980K working steadily (no idle time) in a difficult application (such as the load-and-carry cited earlier) might burn more than 12 gallons per hour.

What is the biggest wheel loader John Deere makes?

Bucket Capacity: 6.5–7.65 m³ (8.5–10.0 cu. yd.) Operating Weight: 54 253–56 524 kg (119,607–124,614 lb.)

What kind of engine does a CatCat 994k have?

Cat 3516E Engine Durability and reliability continues in the 994K with the proven 3500 Series engines. At the heart of the 994K is the new 3516E engine. Optimum performance is built in through the use of a 16-cylinder, four-stroke design. On-demand performance through the use of turbochargers and aftercoolers.

Why choose a 994 tractor?

With optimized performance and simplified serviceability, our machines allow you to move more material efficiently and safely at a lower cost per ton. Introduced in 1990, the 994 has become the top customer choice in its size class for over 25 years.

How does the 994k system work?

The 994K systems work hard to save you fuel through advanced technologies. Utilizing On Demand Throttle, operators maintain normal operation with the left pedal and implements while the 994K manages the engine speed. Provides similar control and feel to our traditional throttle lock feature.

How much power does a 994h wheel loader have?

Cat 994H Wheel Loader Specifications. Power (net): 1,463 horsepower. Operating weight: 430,858 pounds. Bucket capacity: 19.5 – 47 cubic yards.