How can I retrieve my KRA PIN number online?

Scan your colored ID card and then send it to their Facebook Page through Message and tell them you have forgotten your KRA pin. Then request them to send it to you. Make sure you like the page before sending them message. They will typically reply within 1 hour and you will be able to get your lost KRA pin.

Can you find KRA pin using ID number?

All you need is to have an ID with you. First you take advantage of social media pages. Scan your ID and post the scanned copy on KRA’S official page and request for your Pin number. You need to inform them that you forgot your password and as such are unable to access it directly from their portal.

Does KRA PIN expire?

Adding, “Failure to file tax returns, unless the cause is shown to the contrary, the commissioner of the Domestic Taxes shall have their Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) deregistered and cancelled from the KRA system at the expiration of thirty (30) days from the date of this notice.”

How do I find my KRA pin email address?

How To Find The KRA Email Address Used On KRA iTax Portal

  1. Step 1: Access KRA iTax Portal using
  2. Step 2: Under The Need Assistance Section, Click on Report Problem.
  3. Step 3: In the PIN Tab Section, Enter your KRA PIN Number.

Can I apply KRA PIN twice?

2. One PIN shall be issued to each person and it shall not be used by a person other than the person to whom it was issued.

Can I get another KRA PIN?

To retrieve your KRA PIN send colored scanned copy of your original ID to [email protected] or visit the nearest KRA Office or Huduma Center with your original ID.

How do I change my KRA PIN email address?

To change your registered email, send a coloured scanned copy of your original ID, your KRA PIN and a valid email to [email protected]. Eddah Sirengo and 166 others like this.

What happens when your KRA PIN is blocked?

What do I do if my Pin is locked? All blocked password are reset automatically within 24 hours. Or; Visit the nearest KRA office.

Does KRA pin expire?

How do I contact KRA?

Call us on : +254 20 4 999 999 or +254 711 099 999; Email us on [email protected] or click the button below to ask us a question. You can also visit any of our physical locations countrywide.

How do I find my KRA PIN email address?