How did the soldiers of the Australian 8th Division become POWS?

Within a day of the Japanese landing, the Dutch forces had been surrounded and were forced to surrender. The Australians of Gull Force withdrew westwards, and held out until 3 February, when Scott surrendered. While small parties were able to escape to Australia, the majority – almost 800 men – were taken prisoner.

How many battalions did Australia have in ww1?

12 battalions
Order of Battle. At the start of the war, the military structure included 12 battalions organised into 3 brigades within 1 division. The structure was similar to Lord Kitchener’s defence scheme for Britain.

How much were Australian soldiers paid ww1?

Troops were paid a minimum of six shillings a day (more than three times the wage of English forces) leading to the phrase ‘six bob a day tourists’. Although slightly below the basic wage, it was still attractive to many because of the tough financial conditions and high unemployment in 1914.

How many Australian POWs were killed by the Japanese?

Of the 22,376 Australian prisoners of war captured by the Japanese, some 8,031 died while in captivity. After the end of the war, War Crimes Trials were held to investigate reports of atrocities, massacres and other causes of death.

How many soldiers were in a battalion in ww1?

Composition of An Infantry Battalion On the outbreak of the First World War, a battalion at full War Establishment was comprised of 1,107 officers and men. Commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel, it had a Headquarters, Machine Gun section and four Companies.

How many soldiers were in a division in ww1?

The number of men in the infantry divisions deployed by the Great Powers in 1914 ranged from about 16,000 in the Russian army to about 18,000 in the British. A British infantry division in 1914 was composed of 3 brigades. Each brigade had 4 battalions; each battalion had four companies; and each company had 4 platoons.

Who was the oldest soldier in ww1?

quartermaster sergeant Robert Frederick Robertson
The oldest soldier to enlist in WWI is quartermaster sergeant Robert Frederick Robertson (UK, b. 12 September 1842), who was 71 years of age when he enlisted in late 1914.