How do I access my textbook on McGraw Hill?

The McGraw Hill eBook can be conveniently accessed anywhere, on laptop through the Bookshelf website or on a student’s mobile device or tablet via the free ReadAnywhere app.

Is McGraw Hill Connect free?

McGraw-Hill Connect Pricing Overview They do not have a free version. McGraw-Hill Connect offers a free trial. See additional pricing details below.

How do I access digital textbooks?

How to View eTextbooks

  1. Once you have purchased your eTextbook, you can access it in your digital bookshelf.
  2. Download the “Bookshelf” app from VitalSource for the type of device you prefer.
  3. Download your etextbooks to your device.
  4. Read your books offline, take notes and highlight to help you study smarter, not harder.

How do I open a McGraw Hill eBook on my IPAD?

Download the free app for iOS or Android and log in with your existing McGraw Hill credentials. You’ll then have access to all eBooks associated with your purchased curriculum. To ensure eBook content can be accessed when offline, the eBook or necessary chapters will need to be downloaded.

Can you download eBook from McGraw Hill Connect?

McGraw-Hill Professional’s ebooks are delivered via download. Upon purchasing an ebook, you are presented with a link which allows you to download and save your ebook locally on your computer.

How do I get free trial of McGraw Hill?

Send an email to your school’s IT person or department with a request to whitelist [email protected] Whitelisting our email address will ensure you get access to any and all free trials you request.

How do I download McGraw-Hill eBooks to my computer?

Enter the in the Site URL field.

  1. Enter your McGraw Hill eBook site user name in the Username field.
  2. Enter your McGraw Hill eBook site password in the Password field.
  3. Click the Sign In button.
  4. Bookshelf displays the subscribed eBooks with a Download Button.