How do I become a risk adjustment coder?

The qualifications and skills that you need to become a remote risk adjustment coder include knowledge of healthcare coding and specialized certification and training in risk adjustment coding. This virtual career requires a strong grasp of medical coding and Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCC).

What does risk adjustment coder do?

Certified Risk Adjustment Coders (CRCs) play a critical role in establishing accurate risk scores for patients, which promotes optimal patient care and ethical payer reimbursement for providers and health plans.

What is HCC coding?

What is hierarchical condition category (HCC) coding? Hierarchical condition category (HCC) coding is a risk-adjustment model originally designed to estimate future health care costs for patients.

How much is the CPC exam?

How much does it cost to take the CPC exam? You must be a member of AAPC to take the CPC exam. The CPC exam costs $399 and membership costs $170.

Is HCC coding hard?

If experienced medical office workers struggle with HCC coding, how hard will it be for someone with no experience? The difference is in the training. Although few can simply sit down and begin HCC coding, the training is very straightforward.

What is MRA coding?

Accurate risk adjusted payment relies on complete medical record documentation and correct diagnosis coding.

What does a risk adjustment coder do?

Under limited supervision, the Coder is responsible for reviewing applicable documentation and assigning appropriate procedure and diagnosis codes. More… The Risk Adjustment coder will identify, collect, assess, monitor and document claims and encounter coding information as it pertains to Clinical Condition…

What is the minimum experience required to be a risk coder?

Minimum of 3 years risk coding experience with specific knowledge of Medicare and Commercial Risk Adjustment such as Hierarchical Condition category (HCC). More… The coder will adhere to the official CMS or project specific coding guidelines.

How do I become a certified medical coder?

The coder will adhere to the official CMS or project specific coding guidelines. The certified coder reviews, analyzes, and codes diagnostic information in a… More… 1 year minimum experience as a CV coder, auditor or equivalent. High School Diploma; Nationally certified medical coder as certified by either AAPC or AHIMA. More…

How long does it take to become a Certified Risk adjuster?

At least one year of risk adjustment experience. Risk adjustment coding: 1 year (Required). Remain current on diagnosis coding guidelines and risk adjustment… More…