How do I connect my soundbar to my Sharp Aquos TV?

How do I connect my soundbar to my Sharp TV HDMI?

  1. Connect both devices to power and turn them on.
  2. Locate the HDMI input (ARC) on the TV.
  3. Locate the HDMI output (ARC) on the Soundbar.
  4. Plug the HDMI cable into each device respectively.
  5. Adjust the settings on your TV to select the Soundbar as the preferred speaker output.

What size soundbar do I need for a 60 inch TV?

Soundbar lengths for TV screen sizes

Speaker length (in inches) Recommended TV screen size
12 Any
38 to 45 42-inch to 50-inch
50 55-inch to 65-inch
60 70-inch and larger

How do I connect external speakers to my Sharp Aquos TV?

How to Connect External Speakers to a Sharp AQUOS

  1. Locate the audio output on the back of your television.
  2. Plug one end of your powered speakers’ input cable into the television’s audio output.
  3. Position your speaker(s) by your television.
  4. Connect the other end of the speaker’s input cable to the jack on the speakers.

How do I set up optical audio on my Sharp Aquos TV?

Just use the HDMI 1 port on the back of your TV. Connect the other end of the cable to your receiver. You’re looking for something labeled HDMI Out; it’s usually a different color. If necessary, connect a digital optical cable to the back of your TV (optical out), and the other end to your receiver (optical in).

Do all sound bars fit all TVs?

All soundbars work with every television. Since today’s technology is so advanced than ever, manufacturers could make soundbars compatible with old and new TVs. However, you must know what ports your television and your chosen soundbar have.

Where is the Audio out on Sharp Aquos?

For Audio/Sound, go into the TV Menu under System options. Using the cursor, scroll downward to “Output Select” to verify the “Output” is set to Fixed. This should produce sound from your television. Note: On some models, the “Output Select” may be under “Options” or “Audio”.

Why won’t my soundbar work on my TV?

If you’re using an analog connection, make sure the TV volume is turned up. If the TV’s analog audio output is set to “variable” and you’re getting no sound from the soundbar, try turning the TV’s volume up. If the TV is turned down all the way, you’ll hear no sound even if the soundbar is set to full volume.