How do I delete a Showcases on Vimeo?

Remove videos from a showcase. Add live events (Enterprise only) Customize your showcase. Showcase thumbnails….Remove a video from a showcase

  1. Open the showcase.
  2. Under Assets, click on the three dots to the right of the video you would like to remove.
  3. Select Remove from the dropdown menu.

Can you see history on Vimeo?

To get to the History tab of any given video, follow these steps: Navigate to that video from the video manager. Click Advanced on the right side of the page. Open the Collaboration tab and head down to the History section, where you’ll be able to see when settings changed on a clip and the date of the change.

Can you track who watched Vimeo videos?

To track detailed analytics on each of your videos, select the Stats tab which can give the access information about who is watching your video, where they’re from, and what devices they use.

How can I see my Vimeo stats?

How it works Go to to see your analytics dashboard and view stats in aggregate, or simply click on the “See all video stats” link below an individual video — whatever you prefer.

How do I customize my showcase on Vimeo?

Your Video Manager is the hub for everything you’re working on, including showcases. To create a new showcase, head to your Video Manager, hover over your profile image in the top navigation bar and click “Videos,” and then “Showcase” in the left sidebar.

How do I delete a collection on Vimeo?

To remove your video from any of the collections it’s currently in, go to the General tab, Collections section in your video settings and uncheck the box next to the desired collection. Don’t forget to click Save before leaving your video settings.

Where do deleted Vimeo videos go?

After your videos are deleted by Vimeo, they are moved to the Archive. You have one year until these videos are deleted from the archive.

How do I track a Vimeo video?

How to add the Vimeo tracking script to your site

  1. Go to the Marketing tab in your Vimeo Account Settings.
  2. Copy the tracking code below the Google Analytics heading.
  3. Paste this tracking code underneath the Google Analytics script wherever it appears in the HTML source code of your website.

Are views on Vimeo unique?

For example, Vimeo defines unique viewers as “Unique viewers: The number of people who have watched a video within a specified timeframe.” We define a unique view as someone entering the session page at least once.

Are Vimeo stats accurate?

How accurate are Vimeo analytics? Pretty darn accurate! The new analytics system we launched in 2015 is even more precise than the previous version.

How do I change the order of my videos on Vimeo?

Tap and hold on the photo or video clip that you would like to move. Then drag and drop the clip in the desired place in your storyboard.

How do I log into Vimeo?

Enter your email address on the login page.

  • On the next page,enter your password and click Sign In.
  • If you’ve already created a password,and it’s not working,you can reset or set a password to log in on that page or use the email link method below.
  • How do I join Vimeo?

    ✦Chat. If the event’s producer enabled chat,you will see a chat window to the right of the video player.

  • ✦Q&A. If the nature of the event involves answering questions from viewers,the event producer may utilize our Q&A (Question and Answer) feature.
  • ✦Poll.
  • How to register on Vimeo?

    Register or add a Member. Ready. Track. Grow. Inc. Plus. This video will show you how to Register or Add a Member to your agency account. More from Ready.

    How to get Vimeo user ID?

    – Go to Vimeo and search for your video. – You will see in the URL of this page the following structure (you find the URL at the top of your browser-page): – In the example above, the Vimeo ID is 38395525. – Copy and paste your Vimeo ID or URL to your StreamVest project submission at