How do I find a voice over agent?

You can search for voice-over agents by city or market. Find agencies that have a voice-over department, which can be found on their website. Make sure that they represent your union status, whether you are union or non-union. On each agency website, they will have instructions on how to apply for representation.

How much does a voice acting agent cost?

The price range for a professional voice-over can range anywhere between $250 and $3,500.

Do voice over actors need agents?

Agents are very valuable for voice talent, they are expert negotiators and can get talent higher profile projects to audition for. But it’s important to also look for our own leads.

What do voice-over agents do?

The job of a voice-over agent is to wrangle high-quality audition submissions from stellar talent like yourself in a streamlined and organized fashion so that folks who hire voice actors can easily select the voice that best fits their needs.

How long does it take to become a voice actor?

It might take 5-10 years, but you’ll get there if you stick with it! Work from anywhere, on your own schedule: One of the biggest reasons people choose to go into voice acting work is the ability to do it from home and work on their own schedule.

Where can I find voice over work?

Follow these steps to discover how you can find voice acting jobs in a variety of industries:

  • Create a professional portfolio.
  • Search on social media.
  • Create a voice acting profile.
  • Check audition websites.
  • Use digital freelance services.
  • Work with an agent.
  • Invest in acting and vocal training.
  • Set up a home studio.

How can a 12 year old become an actor?

The best place to find auditions and casting calls for kids is through an online casting platform like Backstage, at least at first. Once a child actor has secured representation, their agent will have direct connections to casting directors and can submit them for bigger roles with major networks and studios.