How do I get maxed out Temple?

To build the most powerful temple, sacrifice the following nine maxed towers:

  1. To get longer freeze time, sacrifice Ice Tower – Viral Frost.
  2. To get larger freeze radius, sacrifice Ice Tower – Absolute Zero.
  3. To get more corrosive glue splatter, sacrifice Glue Gunner – Bloon Liquefier.

How do you get maxed out the temple of the monkey god?

One of the cheapest ways to produce a maximum power Temple Of The Monkey God is by sacrificing: 3 Big One Mortars, three Viral Frosts, three Bloon Liquefiers, three Tempest Tornados, and a 4/2 Village. Starting with the village and placing everything within its range, this TOTMG costs $241450 on hard.

How do you get max vengeful Temple?

The Vengeful True Sun God can only be summoned by having maxed sacrifices on both the Tier 4 Sun Temple and the True Sun God, so it will always be some variation of 2/1/2/2 as it is impossible to have a Tier 4 Temple maxed in all categories.

Is Sun God or Robo Monkey better?

They are better at different stages. Robo monkey is good for farming, for single target damage. Sun god is better late-game, when you are doing temples.

Can true Sun God be sacrificed?

Yes. If you upgrade to a sun temple with a TSG in range the TSG will be sacrificed.

Can Adora see camo?

Although Adora cannot detect camo Bloons without support (e.g. radar scanner) the ball of light itself CAN detect camo, if it passes through the radius of a 0-2-0 village, as it is orbiting the tower, even when Adora herself is not within the radius.

What should I sacrifice to true sun god?

More than $50,000 worth of up to 3 of the following categories of towers (Primary, Military, Magic or Support) must first be sacrificed to a Sun Temple and then a further investment of more than $50,000 of every category must then be sacrificed to the True Sun God to fully maximize its bloon destroying potential.

How many hit points does a Zomg have?

Between 2,000 and 3,000 hits, it shows serious damage, and between 3,000 and 4,000 hits, it shows critical damage, including a comical bandage on its skull. At 4,000 hits, the Z.O.M.G. layer is destroyed, and it releases 4 Brutal Floating Behemoths (B.F.B.s).

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What is the max power of Temple of the monkey god?

Now, you should have a Temple of the Monkey God on the map that can be sold for about 100,000 Cash depending on your “Sell Price” perk from the Monkey Lab. Anywhere from 99,000 to 110,000. If it is less than 99,000, it is not maximum power. In the picture above, I have a “Sell Price” perk of Level 2/13.

How to increase the number of temples on the map?

something to note, going with the 2,4 village increases it’s base range because of 1,0 , so if you wanna max out the # of temples on the map, you need to go with two 0,4 villages, the cost of the temple will be the same, but harder to fit in the corner of the map.