How do I get the bee shield mission?

To get “The Bee” Shield you need to:

  1. Travel to the Arid Nexus – Boneyard using the fast travel system.
  2. Tavel east until you reach the building labeled “Hyperion Truth Network”.
  3. An elevator is located directly behind the structure, and should be located on the ground level.
  4. Push the button for the door.

How do you get the bee shield in Borderlands 2?

The Bee is a legendary Amplify Shield made by Hyperion in Borderlands 2. It is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from Hunter Hellquist located in Arid Nexus – Boneyard.

Where do I get the Hunter Hellquist quest?

He can be met in person and killed during the aptly named optional mission This Just In. He is located in Arid Nexus – Boneyard, at the top of a radio station just east of the Fast Travel.

How do I get this just in quest?

The “This Just In” quest is a side quest, it may have been disabled depending on where you are in the story. For example: Lilith has several side quests that you can’t do during Bright Lights, Flying City. You could try reseting the Hero’s Pass mission using the Save editor. (but Backup your saves first).

Is fabled tortoise good?

Strategy. Usually frowned upon due to the speed reduction, the Fabled Tortoise can give some moderately solid defense if used for healthgating strategies. If combined with appropriate class mods, some characters can have a shield capacity upwards of 6 million if using Overpower levels.

Where is blocked in Borderlands 2?

As you play through the main story, some side missions can be blocked. To check which ones they are, go to your missions list and sort it by type….Missions that can be blocked

  1. Cult Following: Eternal Flame.
  2. Cult Following: The Enkindling.
  3. Home Movies.
  4. In Memoriam.
  5. Mine All Mine.
  6. Rakkaholics Anonymous.
  7. Statuesque.
  8. This Just In.

How do I get to Arid Nexus – Boneyard?

To enter this area you must go in the smashed pipe from the story mission Data Mining. The area has two balconies and usually contains more Hyperion Soldiers than normal. It is also the entrance to Arid Nexus – Badlands.