How do leaf spring lift blocks work?

Lift blocks can be used between your axle and leaf springs in a spring-over configuration. They increase the distance between the axle and the spring pack. Blocks are an inexpensive way to make room for larger tires, only requiring longer U-bolts.

Can you add blocks to a suspension lift?

Adding Lift Blocks are an inexpensive way to easily add some lift to the rear suspension of your truck or SUV. Lift Blocks are placed between the OEM leaf spring and the rear axle. Filter the list of Matching Products by selecting any of these options: Rear Lift Height.

What is better lift blocks or shackles?

Go shackles. They lift the rear, provided a better ride and increase ( or would it be decreas ) the pinion angle. Blocks can increase axle wrap and keeps the same pinion angle which puts more stress on the u joints. Not that a one inch block is that bad but it is worse the taller the block.

Are lift blocks safe?

Steering will place side loads on the lift blocks, which can create major safety concerns. If the U-bolts loosen or the block breaks, you may lose control over the vehicle’s steering. Additionally, for trucks with lift blocks installed in them at the factory, you shouldn’t stack extra lift blocks onto them.

Why is my truck higher in the back?

Many vehicles are built with the rear end higher than the front; this compensates for the rear end dropping when a vehicle is loaded with heavy cargo and/or is towing a trailer. Leveling raises the front of the vehicle to the same height as the rear. This gives the vehicle the level look that many people prefer.

Can you install a lift kit without a lift?

You may also need to adjust the angle of the transfer case. Vehicles with independent suspensions are also a little more tedious and require more work. Still, as long as you make sure the steering linkage, sway bars, brake lines and shocks are long enough you can install your own lift kit.

Can you Offroad with lift blocks?

An easy and inexpensive way to lift your rear leaf spring suspension is by using lift blocks, although blocks aren’t a very recommended way to do it. It’s easy to get carried away with blocks and lift too high, resulting in axle wrap that is caused when the axle twists from being too far from the leaf spring.